Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I found the needles I had bought many years ago and of course they were not the right size but I used the largest one for now. Also some yarn that who knows how long I've had it. I went to Learn How To Crochet Beginners Basics site and followed the instructions for the starting chain and then the single crochet. I decided to do a small scarf to see if I can do it. The last time I made something it was a baby blanket 27 years ago and it turned out huge and the ends had more twists and turns in it. So far this is what I have done. It does look better than that first long ago project or at least I think it does. This scarf will be for Shrek. lol Colin is wanting different clothes for him so maybe a scarf will satisfy him for awhile. Then I'll try making a larger one.

Click on picture for larger view. I can see the ends are not straight and some mistakes within it. What am I always telling my children...practice makes perfect. lol

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