Monday, August 20, 2007

Meet the Teacher

Today I took Colin to school to meet his teacher. She was so nice and the assistant teacher was just wonderful with the kids. It was broke down throughout the day so only a handful of kids would be in the class at one time. It was nice we (the parents) were able to ask questions and didn't feel as if we had to wait around for our turn out of 20 parents to talk to her. After I was able to drag Colin out of the classroom we then went to the front and I had him walk back to his classroom. It's like a maze and was pleasantly surprised that he made it there. There was only one time he had to stop and look and think on which way to go. I was really surprised while walking down the hall and saw how he was looking at each door and then hurrying to the next. He noticed a lot on our first trip to the room and made it back with little trouble.

For the first three days I will go in with him and let him lead just to make sure he knows his way. I'm sure if I wasn't so over protective of him he would be find those first few days but the mother in me says to park the car and go in with him. He can't wait for Wednesday to get here.

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