Friday, September 14, 2007

Why Oh Why Oh Why

Why does a child think they can lie and the truth not be found out? Why does a child think a parent can't read between the lines? Why does a child think they can out smart a parent? Why does a child think they can get away with doing poorly in school? Why does a child try to play the guilt trip to make it look like you are the one doing something wrong? Why does a child think what they did wrong isn't as bad as it is?

Yesterday Dale hands me a note from his teacher and it has my name on it. As he is handing this to me he says...everyone in class got one of these and she put all the parents names on them. Okay a red flag goes up! I read the note that says...your child did not do his social studies homework...okay everyone in the class did not get one of these. I asked why he didn't do it and he said...I forgot my book. Why didn't you tell me this yesterday...I didn't want to get into trouble. If you would have told me you could have called someone in your class to see if we could borrow the book for a bit or to get the questions and you could have looked them up online. So he was grounded from everything because number one he neglected to do his homework and number two he lied.

Today he comes home and I ask did you bring home your communication folder...yes...Can I see it because you should have a grade sheet in there. He paused and then said...oh she didn't give our class the grade sheet today she is sending them Monday. Okay once again the red flag goes up! I said she emailed all parents yesterday about the folder and grade sheet and then she emailed again this morning because she had added names to the list. So if she emailed that she was doing this then I think she must have but if you say she didn't then I guess I'll send her an email. He walks into his bedroom and gets the communication folder and guess what is inside...the grade sheet. This grade sheet is for English and it was a 66%...THAT'S AN F! Seven quizzes and test and he got an F on 5 of them...FIVE I said. Oh yes I blew! He said this is why I didn't want you to see it is because I knew you would get mad. Ummm yeah I'm mad! Hello this is only the beginning of the school year and you are already off to a bad start. He said but the teacher said that it's because we are still adjusting. NO NO NO I don't want to hear excuses! You are in the 8th grade and you are used to starting new years and have never brought home grades like this before. I finally ended it with I'm contacting your teacher and setting up a meeting. Oh he didn't like that at all. So for the second day in a row he lied! I don't tolerate lying!!!!

When I go to school I am going to bring up the issue as a parent it's hard knowing from day to day how your child is doing because no papers are sent home but once a month with the grade sheet. I didn't have a clue that he was doing so poorly! If I would have known sooner I could have found out why he is doing poorly way before now. Not after 5 failing quizzes and tests!

I know one thing I don't have to worry about taking him to practice golf or to the Y to work out. I won't be hearing any fighting over who is going to watch what TV show. I won't be hearing I am going running or I'm going out to practice basketball. I won't be seeing any video games being played or any MP3 player stuck to his head. He is grounded! He may go to school...come home from some more...shower and then go to bed. There is no set time for the grounding to end it will stay in place until I see a B or higher.

Yes, I am mad! There are two issues here the lack of studying/homework and lying. And he has the nerve to are so mean my friend's parents wouldn't do this. My response was...I guess then your friend's don't have to worry because I'm not their mother.

I'm done ranting...for now

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Susan said...

I hear where you are coming from. Nip it in the bud now!