Friday, October 19, 2007



1. What's special in your life right now? Each waking day is special I get to enjoy my husband and children.

2. What's your best experience in school? That was so long ago!

3. What's the nicest imperfection of your partner? His snoring it's a soft snore.

4. What's the coolest invention ever made? Digital Camera

5. What's the best gift to leave humanity long after you're gone? My children being able to be self sufficient to contribute to society.

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Grana said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is so fun to see that someone actually read mine! I love the picture on yours with the two little ones kissing - too cute! I hope you try the crock pot dressing it really is good! I added another one for the best muffins and easy too! You might want to check it out! Where are you located? I just moved here to Kansas City! I am from Oklahoma where my grandbabies still live and I really miss them! That's why I love seeing pictures of babies! Thanks again for stopping in! Blessings!