Sunday, December 16, 2007


Look at how long it's been since I've blogged. Shameful! The only excuse I have is it's been busy around here. The remodeling has come to a halt with the holidays. I'm waiting for Tuesday to get here and the furniture to be delivered so we can then get the tree up. It's driving Colin crazy not having the tree up. lol The Sound of Music play was a huge success the kids did a wonderful job and I can't forget the hard work of Mr. Dove. They were amazing! But it was a long play almost 3 hours. The Christmas Concert was beautiful and once again the kids and Mr. Dove did an awesome job. Those were the two things Jene` was in and the boys have been keeping me busy with basketball practice for one and the other with kids yoga, boot camp, and basketball clinic. In between all this we have been gown shopping. OHHHHHHHHHH what a task! But Jene` finally found the gown she wanted for the pageant so now all that is left is finding the perfect pair of shoes and getting the gown hemmed. A sneak preview....
Now this next week I have to concentrate on Christmas I'm far from done. I want to cry I've never been this far behind before and have to go out in the crowded malls. Guess I'll be doing it for the next week. The kids only have 3 days of school left so my time is limited. YIKES! And I also have to start getting Jene` and Dale ready to leave for Florida. We will be dropping them off Christmas night at their grandfather's and they are leaving the next morning.
The weather this past week was absolutely beautiful in the 80's but it's over with. The rain came yesterday which we needed badly. We could really use another day or two of rain you just couldn't imagine how bad this drought is until you see the lakes in the area. Or should I say the lake beds because there isn't hardly any water in them. Anyway the rain came yesterday bringing the cold weather with it. In the morning it's to be in the low 20's...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and only getting up around 40.
Better get busy and get this child ready for bed.


Nanabek4 said...

Love the gown!!! Glad the plays were a great success. The Sound of Music is my favorite .

Susan said...

The gown is beautiful. Love the color.