Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a weekend...

the house is a disaster! But in a good way Tony put down a lot of the floor today. It poured most of the day so the carpet he pulled up is on the other side of the room. Hopefully tomorrow that can be hauled off. I'm not sure if we bought enough flooring looking at what is left it just doesn't seem possible that we have enough. But then again there is only 2 and a half rows that need to be finished on the living room side and that is the longest. The dining room is only half the size so maybe we have enough.

Colin has been a handful wanting to do everything daddy does. It was so funny yesterday I fixed lunch Tony wanted leftovers from the night before and Colin wanted a sandwich, yogurt and chips. So he finished eating just as daddy was coming to get his food and he said...ummm daddy lunch time is over we need to get back to work. You can eat on the next break. Daddy informed his supervisor that he was hungry and he was going to eat that he would just have to wait on him. Today he was more in the way than anything and I tried to get him distracted with other things but he wanted no part of it. So I told him he had to come into his bedroom with me and help me clean up his room. Oh you would have thought the end of the world was coming. Finally he came in and after about 2 minutes I heard I want to take a nap. You don't take naps I reminded him. But I want one today. No, you can go to bed early tonight because right now you are going to help me. After another few minutes I heard I need a break my legs are tired. Why are your legs tired you are sitting down? I mean my knees are tired. I said well then if they get tired that easily I think you need to exercise them more. Finally in the end we went through his bookcase and managed to get rid of some. They will be going to Brendon and Kaylee. He also picked up toys and of course that was done with a lot of I don't want to do this or there isn't room for any more to go in so I guess I have to stop. Finally it was time to stop and get ready to go to the store and I made him go against his will. He wanted to help daddy. I think daddy had enough help yesterday and wasn't really wanting any help today. Tomorrow we are going to start on his desk and then go through shoes in the closet.

Cinnamon Sugar passed away Thursday we had her for a year exactly to the day. She seemed fine the day before but Colin had gone into the bedroom that afternoon and came out to say mommy come quick Cinnamon Sugar won't wake up. He was so sad and kept waiting for me to do something to make her wake up. I know she had been on the wheel the night before you can hear it through the house so I really don't know why she died. She didn't seem ill. I really don't know how long a hamster should live. Today Colin asked if he could get another hamster and I told him not right now.

Keeping Colin busy today put me behind on the bench. I did manage to get one coat of paint on it tonight and I'm hoping for a good day tomorrow so I can put a second coat on it. I need to go to Michael's and get some batting so I can recover it. Oh well I'll get to that in time tomorrow we be spent cleaning up so the other side of the room can be started in the next couple of days.

I'll think I'll go crochet a bit and then get to bed.

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