Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

It's been busy around here with all the kids activities and the remodeling. The grandchildren have been here since Friday and if we don't get hit with ice in the morning they will be going home. Then I have to get busy painting again! I hope we don't have ice in the morning the kids have been out of school for 4 days and I'm ready for them to go back.

I made a pledge the other day to make or buy handmade gifts instead of buying retail store items. I also joined Craftsters I came by the site searching for some crochet projects and wow it's full of all kinds of crafts. I've joined 2 craftalongs one is making things by a color of a month and the month of January is colors in a rainbow. I only have a couple of weeks to figure out something for this and get it made. The other is 50 projects in a year. Maybe these will keep me motivated!

Oh I went to an orientation for a crochet class this morning. We will be making a hat and scarf set. I can't wait the first class is Feb. 4. So far there was only 3 of us to sign up but maybe more will come when the class starts. This class will be one day a week for six weeks and they had samples of what the next class after this one is over. Basket Weaving! Oh yeah I'm going to sign up for that one too. My smart mouth son said... you are acting just like a grandma... I said... what do you mean by that.... he said...because you are getting all crafty. I informed him that I have been doing all kinds of crafts way before he was ever born and that there hasn't ever been a time that he hasn't seen me do some kind of craft or another. He said yeah but now you are taking classes. KIDS!

I went to the gym tonight while Dale was at basketball practice. I haven't been in a week. I've got to start getting on a regular schedule because l can feel it. I feel so much better when I do workout so that should motivate me to get there more often. But it seems like the kids have so much going on it's hard making time. I have noticed since the first of the year it's packed every time I go. I pull into the parking lot thinking wow they are packed tonight. I get upstairs to the equipment and it's overwhelming looking at all the people that are there. Everyone must have made a commitment to workout more.

My mom and sister and her kids came down today. All the kids had a blast! We really have to do this more often it was a fun afternoon. My kids have another 4 day weekend in Feb. and I will have to see if my sister's kids have off those days so maybe we can get together and do something.

Got to go catch the news I want to hear the weather report.

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