Monday, January 28, 2008

Remodeling...Will It Ever End?

Why? Why? Why? Does my man insist on leaving something in each room unfinished? Why can't one room be finished before going to the next? I can't answer this and he can't answer this. Oh well but it's getting done. This weekend he focused all his attention to the bathroom. The tile on the floor is almost finished just a few pieces in front of the door. The tile around the tub is half finished. OH WOW it looks so good! I know he will be trying to get home early and working in there in the evenings. Someone...I won't mention his name...invited people over for a superbowl party. But he has had a lot of help not sure how much help. lol

To give daddy a break I had the little helper to come help me.


Nanabek4 said...

There you go,stealing our ideas..LOL. The boys picked out a pattern similar to the one here.Hopefully it will go up tonight.

Susan said...

Looking good!