Friday, March 7, 2008

Four Out Of Seven Children

Talk about a chain reaction of events that went on here Wednesday afternoon. I was at the grocery store putting the bags into the car and you know doing that thinking of what is going to be next... I still have time to go by the bank and post office before I have to pick up Colin from school. Just as I put the last bag into the car my cell rang it was the school nurse...Colin is running a fever. So I skipped the other errands and went to the school and returning home got him all taken care of. A couple hours later Dale comes home with his fingers taped together and said I broke my fingers during PE. At first I thought he was joking see a couple weeks ago he had to make an emergency kit and one of the things he put into it was some tape. He said no I really broke them and took off the tape to show me. I couldn't believe the school didn't call me and he said they said there is nothing you can do for a broken finger but tape them. I would have still liked a phone call informing me that my child had been hurt so I could have decided the course of action to be taken. Then a couple hours later Jene` came home from school/play practice complaining of her eye lids. They had bumps on them and she had been itching them. I had her take all her makeup off and put some cream on them. Then acouple hours later Jessie calls and says during the storm last night or early this morning a large tree branch fell and hit my car the roof is caved in and the windshield and back window is smashed out. After I hung up the phone I thought okay that's 4 out of 7 which one is going to be calling home next? Yesterday I made it a point to call and check on Josh, Justin, and Kameron. All is fine!

Yesterday Colin was feeling much better until mid afternoon when his fever came back. Dale has a splint on his finger and is complaining because he doesn't want to wear it. Jene` they said that it may be caused by her mascara and to throw it out and buy new. But we really don't think that is it because her mascara doesn't have time to get old. If it doesn't look any better tomorrow morning we are going in to have it looked at again. Jessie has gotten a couple estimations and it's going to cost about a $1000 to get car fixed.

I'm off to get this day going Colin has gotten up and gone back to bed, Dale just walked out the door to go to the bus stop and Jene` is finishing getting ready before Nick gets here to pick her up. Tony should be gettng up in the next 10 minutes to get ready for work. I still have to pack his lunch. I need to call and cancel an appointment since I have a sick one at home.

Have A Nice Day!


Mel said...

I sure hope, all is better at your house... Just stopped in at Jen's today she, and her oldest son (Danny) have the fever bug. Autumn grabbed a few things and we headed out. I keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my car so we both washed our hands with that. Once we got home we washed them again, Hopefully, this bug will stay away from us. Get well you guys! Talk soon Vick.

Susan said...

When it rains, it pours. Isnt that the saying. Sure hope all goes well soon. I myself would like a good streak.