Monday, April 28, 2008

April's Almost OVER!

I can't believe April is almost over and soon we will be into May. How can this be possible? The days seem to be going by so quickly leaving so many things undone. But it's funny because as the time seems to be speeding by it's as if we are in slow motion. How can that be?

I have marked another of Jene`'s things to do off the list and now there is only one... I said 1 more thing that she has to do before school ends. The prom was Saturday night and the kids looked beautiful!

Mark fixing Jene`'s hair! It was an hour of curling and he did a beautiful job!

Miss Priss checking herself out in another mirror after getting home. There wasn't a mirror safe from her reflection!

Ahhhhhhhhhh they look so cute!

Yep the boys had to be a part of prom night also. lol

Yesterday the boys and I went to the strawberry farm and picked 2 gallons. Today I spent the afternoon doing strawberries up. Freezer jam 6 eight oz. jars, whole strawberries 3 quart bags, sliced strawberries 7 quart bags.
I also did up 2 quart bags of chopped onions. Next week I would like to go back to the strawberry farm and get another 2 gallons to make up another batch of jam and a batch of strawberry banana jam. Also while out that way stop by the produce stand and get some green peppers and chop up for the freezer. I should have picked up a couple yesterday because they were only 99 cents each and that's cheap compared to the grocery store. I did pick up a bag of onions for $1.99 and at the store they are $3.49. Oh yeah I will be storing up on these while I can. I use onions almost everyday to go into something or another... meatloaf, omelets, soups, veggies, and whatever else I may be making and throw some in.
With the rising cost of gas, $3.49 this afternoon, and the rising cost of food I'm going to be doing a lot of freezing and canning this year. Anyone else canning and freezing? What's on your list to do up? I wish I could have found some asparagus to do up! I did find a place about an hour away but they wanted $3.50 a pound and that is about how much it cost at the grocery store. From what I understand asparagus season is in it's last week around this area. I'm going to talk to the guys and see if we can put some asparagus in the community garden for next year. I'll have to do some research on it first. I'm surprised that more places don't grow it!
I start a new crochet class tomorrow and we will be making a shawl this time. It really looks complicated and I think this one will be a challenge. Sammi says it's time to go to a new level and we all think she's crazy. lol
I better get a move on it the night is almost over and I still have a load in the dryer and another in the washer.


Mel said...

HI Vick,
Jene' looks so pretty and her hair "you're right" they did a wonderful job on it. She is lucky to have a mom who takes lots of pictures as she will have so many memories for years to come. Mmm strawberries already? Our season doesn't start until June, "yes" I will be freezing strawberries and blueberries. I have my veggies started in containers inside; hope to can tomatoes for sauces (spaghetti, pizza, chili etc). I also bought asparagus and plan on planting that within a few weeks. Now, it will take a few years to produce but promises to be a great producer. I'm excited about getting my garden going, seeing your freezing makes me even more anxious...

Vickie said...

Thank You Mel! You know my kids call me a picture-holic. I was surprised to find out how hard it's to find asparagus around here no wonder it cost so much. I would have loved to do up a good 20 pounds of it or more. We love it!