Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a Week!

It's been busy! Ok, when isn't it busy in this house... I mean with three kids wanting and needing to do the things that they want. Jene` had been busy packing her suitcase all weekend and several times she had come out and grabbed the scales to weigh it. Once I went into her room to find it was overflowing with clothes, shoes, jewerly, hair accessories... and I said you are only going to be gone 6 days. When she was finally packed and ready to head out the door she was rolling it through and said I'm glad I don't have to carry it because I can hardly lift it. I was surprised it made it through check out without being over weight. They landed safely yesterday and she called as soon as the plane landed. This year she has no excuse to call home everyday! Last year I was in panic mode the whole time she was gone because I only heard from her twice. But this year they are in the states and she has her cell so NO excuse. I can't wait to hear from her this afternoon.

Dale has been driving me crazy with going to the Y. The boy would live there and play basketball 24 hours if they were open. The weather is getting warmer and he needs to start concentrating on golf once again. Ok, then he will be driving me crazy to take him to the golf course. I've got to break down and buy him a new set of clubs he has outgrown his and he has a set that pawpaw gave him but they are too big.

Colin has become interested in sports in the past few weeks. Before you couldn't get him to do hardly anything that involved a sport and he would comment... I don't think sports except for golf. Ok, he never played so how does he know this... he took Dale's old clubs out in the backyard to practice but he is having problems with them they are right handed. Even though Dale is a lefty he has always played right handed so maybe if Colin practices he will be able to do so also if not we will have to find him a cheap set to see if he really does like it. But he has taken an interest in basketball lately I guess because of all the hype around the house about the Tarheels being in the Final Four. And the past few days it's been I want to skateboard and he will show me all this stuff he wants to do on a skateboard... hmmm... to me it looks like he is showing me surfing. lol Finally I gave in and said he could use Dale's skateboard but he had to start out sitting on it. Now everyday he begs to go out and ride the skateboard and it's been raining most days.

I've gotten a lot done on my afghan and looking forward to it being done. I think once I get two more rows done then I will only have to do three more sections of colors and it should be large enough for me to curl up in on the couch. I've also finished a scarf and hat set and now working on a bag to go with it...putting that set up for a Christmas present.

I better get motivated and get things done around here before school is out and the boys are hear to bug... I want a snack... what's for dinner... can I go to the Y... can I go skateboard...

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Mel said...

Hey Vick, Jene' should be heading home from L.A. How'd it go? I bet, she will have your ears melting when she arrives back home and shares her stories. I started my new job last Tuesday that's why I haven't been on my blog. Have my schedule pretty much laid out now so things should calm a bit. Not sure about this line of work, it's uneasy sometimes to work with elderly alzheimers patients, especailly when you are placed in a home with no background or training. Playing it by ear for now, just have to see how it all works out.