Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Newest Project

I am attempting to make a vest! I started last night and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how this was going to become a vest. I'm still not actually sure yet but I think I have a better understanding today. MAYBE! Last night I was looking over what few rows I had done... puzzled... turning the thing over and looking at it... turning it back over and looking at it... PUZZLED! I finally turned to Tony and said do you think this will look like this as I'm showing him the book. He looks it over and says........ No, it's not blue. Okay, after thinking a not so nice name that I called him in my thoughts I went back to work on it. It's long like a would look like a scarf if it wasn't for the ends. Today after adding a few more rows I finally figured out the ends are going to be the bottom. Well, it has to be! Now I just have to get further on it so I can see how the v neck is made. lol I'm using the light sage yarn because I had a lot of that left over and thought it would be perfect for a try out project. And then if it turns out good I can always use another in a different color...... maybe blue! lol Okay now the question is... how long before it's done... will it look like a vest... will I actually be able to wear it... can I make something with arms and a neck... only time will tell.

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Susan said...

Did I tell you I was jealous already?? :)
Love the color and I'm sure it's going to come out beautiful. Cant wait to see it.