Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh My Gosh Where To Start...

The kids have been out of school since the 5th and the teens have been busy. Let's see now how do they say it... but mom I have a social life. Yep, that's what they say. lol They have been hanging out with friends most of the time. Colin and I have park day on Wednesday with his kindergarten classmates and on Friday we go to the library. We have become regulars at the pool.

I made Fried Cucumbers tonight and they were awesome! Oh yeah I will be making them a lot this summer. I got the recipe from Groups Recipe from Putercop .

Fried Cucumbers

Cucumber sliced in 1/8 inch thick slices (you decide how many you want for how many people).
salt and pepper

Slice cucumber to 1/8 inch thick rounds, or, if you feel fancy on the bias (angle)
roll in flour.

Heat butter in a skillet till bubbly. Lay cukes in butter and fry till light brown
add salt and pepper to taste.

***for a variation fry in bacon fat (you've been saving from some of my other recipes) or extra virgin olive oil

*** Also goes great with sour cream or sour cream and dill also on top when served with fish

My cousin got her baby chicks in and they are so adorable! You can check them out here. And she gave me a great idea to brainstorm over! They are turning a shed into a chicken coop and I have a shed. lol But I will have to wait until the winter months to start cleaning all the junk out of it because it's filled with the previous owners stuff he never took. It's filled from top to bottom with foot massagers. None of them are in boxes so I'm thinking he fixed them...I don't know. But anyhow I can only imagine all the snakes and critters in there right now and know that it's going to have to be a winter job to clean it out. So if you are wondering yes we are seriously thinking about getting chickens. I've asked for the past 3 years for a goat and I still get a no on that. Hmmm...what would he say if I asked for a pig? Maybe then I would get my goat. lol Anyhow while I wait on my cuz and her hubby to finish up their chicken coop so I can see pictures of what needs to be done on the inside I'm going to start looking at the other things we will need to have before next spring. Next spring that seems so far off!

I had started making granny squares to make Kaylee an afghan but my daughter said no mom not those colors do something with pink. I started one doing the basic granny square and have it almost finished. I still need to finish the vest and the other projects that have been abandon. I wish I would have learned how to crochet a long time ago because I love it. I remember I did try once upon a time many years ago when I was expecting my first child and lets just say that it was suppose to be a baby blanket and by the time I was finished with it you could use it on a twin size bed. I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing. lol Nothing was even on it that poor thing was so out of shape and I guess that just discouraged me until now.

The little ones will be here tomorrow afternoon and stay until Monday afternoon. Colin is so excited! Dale and Jene` well let's just say they are making plans for the whole weekend. Tomorrow morning I need to get into the closet and pull out all the baby toys and make sure all the magnetix and things with small pieces are taken care of. We haven't had any rain in quite some time and of course they are calling for it all weekend. If the weather holds out I will be taking them to the park and maybe the pool. We will have a good time they haven't been here in over a month.

Last week I read Died in the Wool by Rett MacPherson and this week I'm reading Killing Cousins by Rett MacPherson. I've gotten hooked on her books they are a lot like Mary Higgins Clark's. Colin thought he would let his brain go to mush but I informed him that wasn't going to happen. It was so funny he told me the day before school was out... oh mommy I can't wait only one more day and I can let my brain turn to mush it's okay because I'm not smart. I informed him he was smart and that he wouldn't be letting his brain turn to mush he still had to practice reading and writing over the summer. The next day after school was over with his class met at the ice cream shop for a party and I was talking to his teacher and told her what he had said she is always amused over what Colin comes up with. She told him that she would be coming to some of the planned summer activities that we have set for his class and if he let his brain turn to mush he would have to deal with her. His eyes got so big and he said I was just joking.

I better get off here and get to bed the little ones will be here before I know it. I have a lot of pictures to get off my camera and will get them on here soon.

Take Care


Indigo said...

I've never heard of fried cucumbers. I wonder if my daughter would eat them??

Susan said...

Vickie, dont know how you do it, your always so busy.

allaboutattitude said...

Fried cucumbers?
You got me curious.
Gonna try them out for dinner

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Vickie, thanks for stopping by. So nice to meet you and I hope you'll come back and see me again.

Hope you like the recipe...


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hi Vickie, so glad you found my blog, nice to meet you! I bet your daughters room in pink and brown is just lovely, I love those colors!I painted our bedroom in blue and brown, it's going to be so cozy! I'll be back to see what your up too next!

Mel said...

Hi Vick,
Chuck & I cleaned out the mess from the re-siding the old shed so I will get some photos of what has been done so far, which is not much... The only thing done so far is that we took the shelves apart and placed the plywood underneath for the hens to lay the eggs in. It is all wired for electric but we still need to dig the trench from the barn out to it. So, insideis fairly bare at this point. I will however, sen a picture to ya so you can see.