Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Project Down

I finished my flowerbed project this evening. Now tomorrow I'm hoping to start another outdoor project. My mom brought down the cedar chair that's in the back corner with a plant on it today. I had bought it for her a few years ago for Mother's Day and I don't know how many times she has asked don't you want to take this chair and do something with it. So yesterday I called her and asked do you still want to get rid of that chair. Since she and my sister had planned on coming down today they brought it.

The boys at the park this morning playing outside before it got too hot. This afternoon it was 98 and tomorrow is to be worse. The boys went home with Grandma this afternoon and won't be back until Saturday morning. OH YEAH! That doesn't happen often maybe once a year. So I've gotten one bed stripped and tomorrow I'll do the other. I want to go through some other stuff in there while they are not here and hopefully get rid of some stuff.

I better get the other load in the dryer it's already going on 11:00 and I have another full day planned for tomorrow.

Take Care

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Susan said...

Love it! The tractor is a cute idea.