Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frugal Challenge

Hey All,

Who would like to play along with some frugal challenges? Hillybilly Housewife has a great site with many interesting things in it. There are recipes, frugal challenges, tips and more. You can also subscribe to get her newsletter.

Here are the Frugal Challenges starting with the first page to read all about them. So far she has 12 of them...

Bean Dish
Ditch The Dryer
Pack Your Lunch
Shop Only Once This Week
No Eating Out or Take Out
Skip The Soft Drinks
A Pennyless Date
Use Less Gas
Homemade Shampoo and Conditioner
Start A Christmas Gift Fund
Don't Buy Your Bread Make Your Own
Meal Planning

I plan on trying to do all of these but some I do have done...

I made pinto beans and also black eyed peas on another night.
I started hanging out clothes over the summer.
I already pack my hubby's and kids lunches.
I have had plenty of practice on using less gas.
For the Christmas Gift Fund I'm not counting money I'm counting the things I have made.
I made bread the other night.

I still have more than half to do yet. Now the biggie for me is going to be the soda and only going to the store once during the week.

She normally posts a new challenge on Monday's. So who is with me????? Anyone?? Come on just pick one and do it! Or if you have already did some of these recently then it's completed. Remember this list is 12 weeks old. So come on now who is with me???

Take Care :)



Susan said...

Boo to you!
Happy Halloween!


Mel said...

Okay, I'll attempt to jump in with both feet. You know how good I am when it comes to navigating around on these computers. Wish me luck cuz, I'mma gonna need it!

Happy Halloween

Vickie said...

Mel, I know you can do it and if not you know you can call me anytime.

Love Ya Cuz :)