Saturday, October 25, 2008

They are back!

The little munchkins are back they arrived yesterday afternoon and will be here until Monday night. They are becoming quite the handful! WILD!! Brendon decided he would see how far he could push my patience today and he ended up sitting on the kitchen floor while I finished doing dishes. He would start to say something and I would hush him up with a reminder that he was in time out.

I started the day out making pancakes for the crew with the exception of hubby he had grits and eggs. He doesn't like pancakes. I then cleaned up the kitchen and took the london broil out that hubby had marinating for beef jerky and put that into the dehydrator. Then I started making apple cheese muffins so the little ones could have some with their lunch. Once lunch was over and the dishes done up once again I started making 2 loaves of bread. Jene` has requested a wheat bread and I told her when I get to the store again I will pick up some flour and make it. For dinner I made a pork stir fry. GOOD! And dishes yet again. Oh I forgot I also made Rice Krispie Treats. YUM!!

Seems like for some reason the laundry room was overflowing with dirty clothes and I have also been doing laundry. The teens have been told that I'm done doing their clothes anymore. Is that bad of me? I don't know but I do know that I'm tired of washing, drying, folding all day long and then to find the hamper overflowing onto the floor the same night.

Last spring I had written about how this new school construction was driving the deer out and they were all over the place. Seems like they have claimed the woods once again because I have had two, they always travel in pairs, run out in front of me several times in the past month. I still haven't seen them back onto our property yet but I know they have to be back in the woods back there someplace. They used to come up to the fence and I would watch them every morning while doing dishes. I miss that! But now that they are back maybe they will start coming back to the fence once again.

I guess I will go crochet for awhile until Jene` gets home. She has gone to a Halloween party.

Take Care :)


Susan said...

Hey Vickie, glad to see your back to posting.

The Southern Mom said...

Rice Krispie Treats...YUM YUM! And...yeah for hubby - Grits are the bomb!

BTW...I booed you. Come and see :)