Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Ramblings

Hey All,

It's been one of those weeks and it doesn't look any better going into the weekend. Monday I cleaned, did laundry, and worked on the leaves. Tuesday Jene` went to Columbia with a group for chorus to All State tryouts. They sing in groups of 5 and needless to say she didn't make it she flubbed when a couple of others did. Dale also had basketball tryouts on Monday and Tuesday and he didn't make it. Oh he is upset! You see it doesn't matter how good he is he is told by the coaches that he is really good but he is too short. Oh well he will play for the Y again this year they love him on the team. Wednesday I was under the weather I woke with a horrific headache and couldn't shake it all day. It lasted all through the day and I was freezing. But when I woke this morning it was gone and I feel much better. Today was a day of catching up on what didn't get done yesterday. It was also misting out early this morning and finally started raining around 11:00. Yes, we need the rain but now I have a ton more leaves to get up. And the trees are still loaded with them.

I made some honey wheat rolls the other day. I have never made them before and wasn't impressed with them. They really didn't seem to rise. If anyone has a recipe please send it my way I would love to try it. I have 3 who love honey wheat. Tomorrow I need to make another loaf of banana bread to use up these bananas and the kids are asking for some chocolate chip bread. You can check out the chocolate chip bread recipe here on Grandma's Vintage Recipes. I also came across a granola bar recipe that I'm going to try out making my own granola. You can check out the recipe here on Hillbilly Housewife. In the recipe you can click on the homemade granola to check out that recipe also.

This morning I had the TV on doing a little of this and that and caught just a glimps of The Today Show. They were showing different soups and they looked so good! They showed how to make 3 of them and talked about another and I missed the ingredients for the Egg Drop Soup. I know it was only a couple of ingredients but I missed them!!! I went to check it out on their site and did find the 3 they showed you can check them out here Cozy up with easy 3-ingredient soups. I will be trying them out on these cold nights there is nothing better than soup.

Saturday is going to be a busy one Colin and I have to be at the church by 9 for the scout food drive. We have to go around to all the houses we left bags at last week and collect any that is left on the porches. Then back to the church to drop off the bags and pick up popcorn so we can start deliverying that. Sunday afternoon we are going to the York County Museum for Celebrate America Recycles Day. Oh yeah it's a FREE event!

This No Sew Tote Bags site was sent to me and thought I would share with all of you. They are so cute! And NO SEW!!! It's going on my craft to do list so sometime in the future I might get to make one of them. That reminds me has anyone ever made the placemat bags? I have seen them around they were huge a couple years ago. I want to try one of those also someday. While on the Martha Stewart site I came across these beautiful stockings made from scarves.

Well, I've got to run my favorite show has already started.

Take Care :)


Susan said...

Hey Vickie, you'd better slow down and take a rest. You've been so busy lately. Cant wait to try the soups.
What's your favorite show on Thursday nights?

The Southern Mom said...

Glad you're feeling better. But, so sorry about the kiddos! Something better will come always does! Have a good weekend!