Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vickie Needs...

Debbie did this really cool meme over on her site, so I thought I would, too!

What you do is...type your name and needs into Google...soooo...

Vickie needs an entrance theme... I never thought about that before but you know that just might be a good idea especially when I have one of those meetings at school.

Vickie needs to go... Hmmm... go to the store, post office, bank, school... oh come on I go to those places enough how about the beach!

Vickie needs to pay the rent... if anyone is going to be paying the rent it will be the kids along with the taxi service and maid service... that ought to get an eye roll and a whatever out of them.

Vickie needs an iPhone... No I don't!

Vickie needs therapy... maybe so I have been raising 5 kids the oldest who is 27 and the youngest 7.

Vickie needs some math lessons... Hey you are not telling me anything I don't already know. Have you seen the math the kids are doing today?

Vickie needs to be fired... That's a laugh is hubby going to fire me and start doing the cooking, cleaning, and running the kids here and there.

Vickie needs to spend her money on fixing her "Miss Piggie Nose"... I like my nose I think it's cute!

Vickie needs to shut up... okay now that is saying bad words in my house!

Vickie needs to take responsibility... of what now!

Vickie needs a hobby... oh man you mean crocheting, cross stitching, making stepping stones, reading isn't enough. Let me see if I can squeeze something else in and I will get back to you.

Vickie needs the money... Who doesn't!

Vickie needs to get on meds, Stat!... Sorry but I'm allergic to almost everything out there.

Vickie needs to fall below the yellow line... I don't like to fall it always results in injury.

Vickie needs a man... I already have one thank you so much!

Vickie needs a nice long day at the loon spa... okay I'll go for that a loon is a bird right? I don't mind bird watching while I get pampered.

Vickie needs her friends more than ever... after doing this search and finding what all Vickie needs yes I do need my friends. lol


Farm Chick Paula said...

Ha ha this was cute, Vickie!! I tried this myself, and you wouldnt believe what mine came up with... (I think they were talking about Paula Abdul... I hope... LOL)

scrappy quilter said...

That is too cute Vickie. Nice to see you back.

The Southern Mom said...

You need therapy? You need to get on meds? Loon spa? Whoa...are we having a bad week?

This was so much fun! Yours was definitly better than mine!

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