Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hey All,

It's been a cool gray rainy day.  I won't complain about the rain we do need it badly but I will complain about the coolness.  When it's 80 one day and the next it's 20 some degrees colder that is a big change.  Today it was 51 when we woke at 6:30 and then started dropping from there.  Let's just say I warmed my rice pad many times today. 

My computer is broke.  I don't know what the kids did to it the only thing I do know is I haven't been able to use it for the past few weeks.  We all have had to use hubby's laptop and the kids have had top priority for homework.  They were using up that air card pretty fast so hubby has brought it out here and hooked up to the DSL for them.  Now I really don't like the laptop I seem to make more spelling errors and have to keep backtracking because I can feel my fingers hitting the wrong keys.  I miss my keyboard my fingers fit it perfectly. lol   And I also like my mouse it goes where I guide it and doesn't wander around like this does.  Oh and hubby says I don't want you loading it down with pictures.  WHAT??????  That is what the computer is for!  Geeeeeze how do you expect me to blog without pictures?  Fine I won't put any pictures in this posting. hehehehehehehe  But I can't promise about the next one.

The little munchkin went last week and they fixed his 2 front teeth.  They can't put crowns on him they said he was too young so it's just a compound that looks like a tooth.  He has to be very careful and bite nothing hard.  He is only suppose to drink out of a straw so as not to bump his front teeth.  He has to wear a mouth guard to recess, P.E., and any physical activities.  He goes tomorrow afternoon to have the 3rd tooth fixed and then for now he will be done.  I will get pictures and get them posted soon. hehehehehehehehe

 SCREAM!!!!!!   This arrow has a mind of it's own and keeps moving my page.  It needs to stay put!

I have to start blogging again seems if I don't blog I don't do my crafting.  So does that mean blogging and crafting go hand in hand?  I have some recipes to share also that were oh so good.  So yeah I need to sit down with this thing and start using it more often. 

I guess I had better get going and get things ready for morning. 

Take Care :)


Farmchick said...

Glad your little guys mouth healed now to get his two front teeth fixed. What an ordeal, huh? Hope you can stop by soon for a visit. :)

Paula said...

Sorry about your computer, Vickie... I know how frustrating that is!
Glad your little man got his teefers fixed, bless his heart.
I know what you mean, I blog more when I'm crafting too... whats up with that? *hehe*