Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Weekend and Bandana Pocketbook

Hey All,

The kids are out of school!  Where oh where did the year go?  I swear they just started if time starts going by any faster than it already is there won't be any reason to get up.  Of course the boys are excited about no school and wanting the summer to stroll along slowly.  Colin is not looking forward about the 4th grade but Dale is excited about his senior year. 

Memorial Weekend was a fun filled time.  We spent the long weekend on the go and only came home long enough to eat or sleep. 

We spent Saturday afternoon at the YMCA for the first day of the season of the pool opening.  It was HOT! Colin had a blast.

Sunday afternoon we went to Riverwalk Carolinas which is a new walking trail to walk next to the river.  Sadly part of it was closed because of all the downed trees from the storm we had a few weeks ago. 

After returning home we decided to go to a friend's house at the lake. 

As you can see we weren't prepared to go swimming.  I didn't even think about taking his swim trunks I thought they were going to fish.  But there were so many boats and jet skies out that it wouldn't have done any good.  So they decided to go swimming instead.

Monday we went to Columbia and went to the zoo.  One advantage to having a large family is sometimes it's cheaper to buy a season pass for a year.  That is what we did so now we can go back whenever and it's paid for.  It was going to cost more for us to get in than a family season pass cost.  Duh!  Family pass it was. Jene` even showed up to spend the day with us and she brought one of her friends to hang out with.  It was a fun filled scorching hot day!

 Oh Dale you and your texting!   Colin, Zac, Jene` and Dale
 Oh my this was so cool!!!!!  You got to walk in with the kangaroos.  It was a blast watching them hop along with you. 
 Oh yes there is even a Botanical Garden to go through.  It was beautiful!  I can't wait to go back in late September when it's a bit cooler so we can enjoy it more.
 Crazy kid couldn't wait to sit on the elephant.  Dale won out on that one. 
 Look at the size of this turtle!  If we wasn't standing there watching it eat the grass you would have thought it was a statue because of the coloring. 
 Oh yes then it was time to sit on this little turtle.  Just look at how good they are getting along.  It was a wonderful family day! 

Today we went to a birthday party for my niece.  She has decided at the ripe old age of 7 that she is too old for baby dolls, tea parties, and anything associated with being a little kid.  So I made her a pocketbook out of a bandana and filled it with bracelets, beaded necklaces and silly bandz. 

I cut a bandana in half and folded one half together wrong side facing.  Sewed down the two sides and then turned it right side out.  I took a shoelace and cut it in half and used one to sew each end to each inside seam.  The other half I placed in the middle and sewed to attach it on the inside of both sides.  I then cut it in the middle so I could tie it to close the purse.  So with one bandana and one pair of shoelaces you can make two of these little purses.

I better go see what everyone is doing it's too quiet.

Take Care :) 


Queen of the Click said...

Great pictures.

Love the bag you made for your niece that you loaded with bracelets. What a perfect gift!

Is the pool in your pictures the YMCA.....please tell me it's not.

That pool has to be at a hotel or an amusement park - it's gorgeous.

Queen of the Click said...

Ahhh I just wrote you a long reply and then it got lost when I tried logging into google.

You guys are so lucky to have a pool like that - we don't have anything that beautiful around here. The closest something like that would be is almost 2 hours away at a waterpark in Long Island, NY.

Did you hear about the boy I wrote about from my blog or just your regular news? It's huge news around here because he lived just 2 miles away. It's easy for a child to get lost in Bklyn because the world seems so big.

I was so angry when I found that someone had taken him and killed him. I think I still am.