Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hey All,

I planned on blogging every couple days and look at how that has worked out.  It's been one of those weeks that nothing has gone as planned.  But it hasn't been a bad week just a busy one.  At the beginning of the school year I had started volunteering at the school library once a week for a couple hours.  The least I could do to help out with all the budget cuts.  Once a week turned into twice a week and sometimes more.  It was getting bad right before winter break and I just thought after the break it would get back to normal.  We only had school 3 and a half days this week and I worked in the library all 4 days.  That sounds like a lot but I was only there about 11 hours. 

I remember going to the library in elementary school and you picked out a book and went back to your classroom.  Our library wasn't even a room the halls had shelves lined down them filled with books.  Today the librarian has more to do than check in/out books and reshelf them.  Our librarian teaches every grade level from kindergarten to fifth grade.  Let me rephrase that our media teacher teaches.  Because the library is no longer called the library it is the media center.  Our librarian is no longer the librarian she is the media teacher.  I have seen the 4th graders learn how to use an atlas and a phone book.  The kindergarten kids learn the parts of a book.  The 1st grade students learn what a fable is and the 2nd graders learn how to use the computer to find a book.  The 3rd grade kids learn how to use a dictionary and 5th grader's learn how to use reference books or to look up information on the computer. 

Maybe someday when the economy gets better and the schools don't have to worry about budget cuts I could get an assistant job.  The way I see this new experience is I'm learning a new skill.  Maybe someday I can get paid for the skills I'm learning.  I help the students find books and check out, check in books and reshelf.  Run copies, lament, and cut for different projects that are going to be done.  Do the displays on the tops of the shelves.  There is still a lot more I need to learn but I am enjoying every minute of this new experience.

Now to get the weekend underway.  The teens are spending it with grandpa and to visit with their aunt and uncle from Florida.  The little munchkin has a history project he has to work on and study for a huge social studies test.  So I think I'll try to work on this ornament project I started.  I have it pictured in my mind what I want now it's just doing it to see how it turns out.  I also need to raid hubby's closet and find a shirt that he won't miss.  Hmmmm.... still trying to figure out that one.  Hopefully next week I will have two projects to share.

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 20.  How can my little princess be 20 already?  Ya know what I think we will skip her birthday this year.  I know I have tried that in the past without success but she isn't going to be here so we will just pretend the day hasn't come.  She will just have to stay 19 for another year or two.   

The little witch is impatiently trying to get my attention so I guess I had better go walk her.  Buuuut it's cold out there!!!!!!!!! 

Take Care :)


Mel said...

This is all part of the scaling down system. They don't want to stabilize their pay, they want those raises, so the school systems are willing to let our best resources go (teachers) to keep their pockets in check.

Just attend your school boards budget meetings, you will understand.

I know, time definately doesn't stand still for any of us.

Hugs, Mel
"Live each day as if there's no tomorrow" (author unknown)

Claudia said...

No way .......she is 20 ???......I can't believe it. wow....guess we have been friends longer than I thought....times goes too fast.
I have been so bad at blogging too this year....hope my readers are still there.
I am going to do better.....I am really going to try !! You are so busy lately......wish your pay was "better". Stay in touch.

Queen of the Click said...

Hope you had a great birthday party at your house this weekend!

Hopefully the economy will get better to they can hire you. I can see why they would love to have your help so many days :) I loved going to the library as a child and checking out books. I don't know if the kids love it as much today because many have devices which let them instantly download the books.

Can't wait to see your new project!

Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthday, many wishes. They grow up so fast.