Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Handful!

Our little angel is picking up so much from our older angels. This morning I said I will be right back I have go put this in the mailbox. I heard as I was walking out the door...see ya wouldn't want to be ya. Just had to share. lol


Nanabek4 said...

Isn't it funny how they do that? Daniel was singing a new song the other night and I couldn't speak to him without laughing so hard til I cried. John was in the corner over here ,all red in the face,tears in the eyes,laughing so hard at him and me that I couldn't hold my composure any longer. So now,even though he hasn't been singing that song anymore, he just looks at me and gives me that devilish grin when he starts to sing anything. All I could manange to get out was "dishsoap" and he got the hint but still had to push me.He is so much like your brother, it is so pathetic.

john said...

well at least he is learning could be worse
daniel had a sketter on his ____ knock it off