Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Time

The kids have been enjoying the freedom of summer and all there is to do. The older ones have been taking advantage of sleeping the morning away and the younger one has been having fun at day camps. Each child has a different personality and each different things they want to do. But those moments they seem to all connect together and enjoy doing things together is the best. Yesterday was one of those days it was so hot out and they decided to have a water gun fight by the time they finished they were all soaked. There was no bickering, fighting or yelling they were having fun with each other. We have many more days to fill and I hope to see more of the laughter than the bickering.

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john said...

can i stay home for the summer 2 and play i need a break from work i guess ill have to talk to our president and see if it can be aranged