Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hey All

I am going to give blogging another chance. I had started one some time ago but something happened when they were doing some maintenance to the site and I could never get back on it. So I'll try blogger and see how it goes.

Welcome to our family blog where we will be posting of our days. This is a neat way to keep family members updated and informed of what is going on with our busy family. I'm hoping to get the kids involved with this so they can post their own happenings in their own words.


john said...

ok im in here now where i go

Nanabek4 said...

Thats a good idea. I wish the boys could do that. All Steven would put is "hi how are you" and daniel would say hello.Tell all hello for us.

john said...

tape kids mouth shut with duck tape,and tape dogs mouth shut with duck tape and duck tape cats feet together
things should quite down then

Vickie said...

ROFL I better stock up on duck tape!