Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4, 2007

Today was a quiet day we really didn't do anything special for the day. The kids hung out around the house because most of their friends are gone on vacation. We got some beef back ribs and grilled them made potato salad, broiled zucchini and yellow squash, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and had Italian bread. After dinner we watched the movie Norbit with Eddie Murphy that was pretty good but I have to admit I did fall asleep during parts of it. I was just so full.

Finally around 9:00 we went down to KOA where they were having fireworks and watched those and then watched those from Knights Stadium. They were good ! The kids got to play on the air jumper (not sure what it's called) at KOA. Colin had to come home and get right into the tub he was so sweaty and sand stuck all over him. It's not often they allow anyone other than those camping to play there and he was so excited he loves playing on that. A little girl kept chasing him and trying to hold his hand it was so cute to watch. But Colin didn't find it amusing at all. lol

The boys are sound asleep but the girl child keeps coming out to see if I'm off the computer yet...nope mom is still on it. lol In the morning I have to remember to find my camera I don't know where I left it. Not a good thing! :(

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