Saturday, July 14, 2007

Swap 2

This swap was also a quick and easy one you only had to send one fun or funny website to three people. You had to describe the site and tell why you liked it. Mine are sent and I have gotten two ratings back. I sent the USA map test, opticial illsusions, That's My Answer, and Funny Websites. They are all found to the right under favorite sites.


Vickie said...

This swap went very quick! I have received all three emails with the following links. First one... this site my kids have used for the past few years. Second one... I've been here before.
this one is pretty neat Colin really liked it. this was also cool to look at. Third one...
this one is okay. I used to play this all the time before they started charging for it. this one I had been to many times I found it shortly after we first got the computer way back when 97 or 98. All in all I did get a couple that I had never been to before and it was fun to swap.

Nanabek4 said... is a free game website that we play in all the time now.