Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Swap 3

This one is called July Object Swap. Using the word... CAMPING ... you have to get things that start with each letter. Like C...candy or something cotton, A...alphabet stickers or something to do with apples, M...magnets or memo board...okay you get the idea.

I went shopping today and this is what I have come up with so far...

C... postcards of North Carolina and South Carolina "Carolinas"

A... 2 different alphabet stickers

M... (still have to get)

P... 2 pink photo frames (different sizes)

I... incense in lavendar

N... notebook (mini) to carry in purse

G... glitter glue sticks that have 8 in the pack

Tomorrow I will get some more to put with it. I want to send a nice package. I would like to find some cute magnets for M and maybe I can find some kind of tea that begins with C since I only have the postcards for that one. I know from her profile she likes tea, incense, photo frames and her favorite color is pink so I think I've picked out pretty good so far. Oh I just thought about something she likes games so maybe I can find that Mad Gab game Melly was talking about.

***check the comments to see how this goes.


Vickie said...

I found a Mad Lib card game for the letter M. So I think I have plenty with only one thing per letter so I will mail it out tomorrow.

Vickie said...

I'm glad I went back into swap-bot and looked at this swap again. It's... CAMPING FUN ... I'm suppose to get things for. So this is what I have.

C... Carolina postcards North & South

A... 2 sheets of alphabet stickers

M... Mad Lib Game

P... Pink picture frame

I... Incense lavendar

N... notebook mini

G... 4 glitter glue sticks

F... Fancy patches

U... 2 upside down recipes

N... 3 No Caffenine Herb Tea

It is all packaged up and ready to be taken to the post office tomorrow. I wonder how much the shipping is going to be?

Vickie said...

I sent the package out today and it was more than I thought it would be for postage. OUCH!!!! I also received one in the mail it had a cookie recipe, apple buttons, memo pad, postcards, interesting beads, note cards, green glitter, flavored teas, unique magnet,and nature photographs. It was a very nice package. The apple buttons are so cute and the magnet is adorable.