Thursday, August 23, 2007


Colin has enjoyed his first two days of school. His only concern yesterday was after he found out I was home alone all day. He said that is not cool. I busted out laughing! I told him that is okay I was fine. Today he said he had one accident...he went into a small building on the playground that he wasn't suppose to go in. I said so you got into trouble and he said no it was an accident. Then he said but don't tell daddy it will make him cranky. I busted out laughing because it takes a lot for daddy to get cranky.

He has taken his lunch both days and today he brought home his sandwich and most of the goldfish crackers. He said I ate my cheesestick, banana and some goldfish and I saved this for later. I had a small ice pack in there so it was still cold and he ate his sandwich but I informed him school was like home you eat the sandwich before the other things.

I asked what they did today and there was some games he was describing and said they had to count to 10 and back again. He said that was really easy. He then said but we didn't get any homework again. Poor child I bet Jene` and Dale wish they could say the same thing.

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