Friday, August 24, 2007

A - Z of US

D is for Driving

Driving has been an issue here since January when Jene` turned 15 and could have gotten her permit. Our rule is 16 and she thinks that is so unfair. I have been letting her practice a little bit the last few weeks like backing out of the driveway or when we go to Violet's down her long driveway.

During the summer she spent so much time and energy trying to get us to change our rules. She did research and made a report and it was very good. Everytime we would go out we would come home to find notes taped all over our bedroom and bathroom saying things like Jene` needs a permit... permit permit permit... Who needs a permit? Jene` needs a permit. She would have them taped on the toilet handle, towel rack and even on the shower head. We found them in our dresser drawers, closets, on our pillows and on the remote control. We finally told her that was enough notes that it was an envasion of privacy by her going into our room.

She would get Colin to go around saying Jene` needs a permit all the time. She has him totally brainwashed! Dale wasn't so eager to help he likes that she is not getting her way. And he is convinced she is a bad driver. Time will tell!

From our little practice sessions we have had she has a hard time in the mini van. She can't tell where she should be on the road she is either too far over on one side or the other. I need to find a big empty parking lot for her to practice in. Finding one empty is the problem.

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