Saturday, August 25, 2007

Review of the Week

The kids are in school and you can read more about that further down in my blog along with first day pictures. I've already had to call the bus operations twice! Once because they didn't have a pick up or drop off for my kindergartener and the other time to complain because my high schooler has to stand up on the bus along with about 6 other students to get to school. There is no room for them to sit down and the bus driver just tells them to stand and to hold on. OKAY can you say safety issue!!! I called to complain and the driver has not even mentioned to them that her bus is overcrowded and there is not enough room for everyone to sit. OH I was not happy! They said they would try to get this straightened out immediately but I'm wondering how in time for Monday morning? They don't have enough buses now so what is going to change by Monday morning? My middle schooler is also complaining about the bus on how if they are smaller than the rest of the kids they are seated 4 to a seat. Okay another safety issue! I remember way back when and there is no way you can get 4 to a seat without it being very uncomfortable and sitting on each other. I can take Colin to school he has to be there before 7:40 and make it back to take one of the others to school but I wouldn't be able to get both of them to school on time since the schools are some distance apart. They opened a new middle school last year and a new high school this year so it would only seem that they would have bought some buses to go along with these new schools. That would have made sense!

I have one coat of Racing Green paint on the shelf unit and need to get another coat on there so I can get it into the boys room. My house is beginning to become a nightmare before my eyes and I'm hoping it doesn't become disasterous. Today Tony decided to start remodeling the living room and I wasn't prepared for that. I thought we was going to be doing the bathroom first. Right now I have one wall that had to be stripped of the sheet rock and I'm hoping that it doesn't take long to do this room. All the furniture is pulled away from the walls so there is little room to move around and when you are stepping on dogs a cat and kids it gets a little nerve racking at times. Not to mention that on September 4 we will have the grandchildren for 5 weeks so I'm really hoping this doesn't take long!!!! I wanted him to start the bathroom because I knew he would get that done in record time because if he didn't that would have meant the children would be in and out of our bathroom.

I had started my eighth scarf at the beginning of the week and I'm still working on it. I've had to tear it apart twice now! I don't know why I'm having a hard time with this one maybe it's the I just am missing at times. I need to get this one finished so I can start another one. I've got a lot of them planned for Christmas presents. I guess while I'm out tomorrow I will pick up some more yarn. I also had the idea of making a couple of small afagans for the grandchildren to keep in the car to cover up with during the winter months. It's a long trip down here and they might come in handy. I have way too many crafts plans for Christmas and I better get busy with them it will be here before I know it.

I posted many recipes from this site for the dehydrator that I had found and I planned on trying some of them out this weekend but that hasn't happened yet either. Maybe I can get to it this week. I had also bought a london broil that was on sale for jerky...maybe I will get to that tomorrow. If not I will make killer london broil with it everyone liked that.

Seems like this week has been a lot of things gone wrong!

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