Saturday, September 1, 2007

Review of Yet Another Week

Oh my gosh I can't believe a week has gone by and I have not posted. How can that be???

It's been a busy week of getting the kids ready for school and the hours of homework they have had every evening. Colin brought a note home Friday and I'm not sure which day he was bad because she only sends them home on Friday and he declares someone is lying because he was good that day. But anyway it was for talking while the teacher is trying to give instructions. So we had a talk with him on how he has to be quiet and listen to what the teacher is saying. If another one is sent home we are going to make an appointment to talk with her. Oh he was so upset to think that we would go and talk to his teacher. Jene` had play auditions 3 different afternoons and I think she will have another call back on Wednesday. Dale is already having problems in math but so far he has been able to figure it out it just takes a while and many phone calls to friends while they all try to figure it out.

Jene` started riding to school with a friend. Oh I wasn't ready for this but Tony said that she has been responsible on the things we have let her do so far and that we should take this next step. Because in a few months she will be 16 and wanting to date. Well, the first day went ok other than I wasn't prepared for the firebird that pulled up. But the next 3 days she didn't follow my rules. There are only 2 rules... 1. When you get to school call home to let me know you are there. You don't even have to say anything just call and let it ring a couple times and hang up. 2. If the person you are riding with is driving reckless, speeding, and not being a very good driver she is to tell them that she would not be needing a ride anymore. Well, 3 days in a row she didn't call for a check in. I'm big on check ins! She had a different excuse for each day. So Friday we sat down and talked to her she only has one more chance and if she can't follow our rules and be responsible then she will be back on the bus for the rest of the school year.

The remodeling is going slow. Hallway is ready to paint and I'm hoping by Monday the living room will be. Because Tuesday evening Jessie and the kids will be coming and staying for 5 weeks. My house is a disaster area right now. Much progress has been made but with the progress a big mess has been made. Tomorrow not much will be done because we are going to church in Monroe and then having a family day. Maybe after we get back we will have a couple of hours to get something done. Monday and Tuesday I will be busy trying to get everything back in order.

I only have about 10 more rows to go on the black scarf and it will be finished. ABOUT TIME! I had to tare it out twice because of missing a loop. I will be so glad to finish this one. Maybe it's the color. I can't wait to start another one is a different color.

I've worked in the boys room for two days going through toy boxes and actually got rid of enough stuff to get rid of one toy box. Colin's desk has been moved in there along with 2 book shelves and a shelf unit. I have to finish putting all the books in there yet. And then I need to go through the closet.

Seems like this past week flew by I can't believe we are getting ready to start a new week.

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