Saturday, August 18, 2007

A - Z of US

I got this idea when I visited she has A-Z of me. I thought this would be a great addition to our family blog. Thanks corgipants for the wonderful idea! So here it goes...

A is for Animals

We have a house full of pets.

A collie... Nietchie ... who we adopted a year ago he was a Katrina victim. He is very lovable but yet he has a mind of his own. Our neighbor thinks he is a little touched in the head because he will bark like crazy at airplanes flying overhead. He made himself at home from day one and it's as if he has always been with us. His name should be Shadow because he is always behind me or looking for me. He can't stand for me to be out of his site.

A mixed terrier... Josey ... AKA/ Little Witch ... She was the tiniest thing I had ever seen when Tony brought her home. He found her running up the street and it took four of them to catch her and I bet she wasn't over 4 weeks old. She is tempermental she will only allow certain people in the house so that means most of the time when we have company we have to lock her up because she is not very nice to people. She only likes a select few and she doesn't like anyone coming near us that she doesn't approve of.

A cat... Blue ... Tony got him for Jene` for Christmas a couple years ago after a couple of years of her begging for one and him saying NO CAT. He loves to get the dogs going and to get a chase on. He also loves to cuddle.

A hamster... Cinnamon Sugar ... okay this came about last year after Christmas because I had to go to PetSmart and Tony said to Colin why don't you get a hamster. He was joking around with him about something but anyway when we got to the store my little munchkin didn't forget daddy's words and had a fit until we brought one home. Let's just say Cinnamon Sugar wore off rather quickly after he bit Jene` so now the kids won't touch her.

A turtle... Shelby ... we have had her over 2 years now. She was this little tiny thing and now she is getting quite big. She is the easiest to take care of! She is Dale's pet and he has gotten so he does a really good job of taking care of her. He cleans the tank, takes a soft toothbrush and cleans her shell and makes sure she has food.

Two hermit crabs... Hermie and Color ... Colin named them we have had them about a year and a half. They are quiet critters during the day and come out mostly at night. We like to give them a bath and it gets them so they will come out of the shell during the day. Every so often if you are watching you might see them change shells.

Well, that's it for our animals. We would have more but we had to start saying NO!

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