Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A - Z of US

E is for Exercise

Exercise is one of those things that we say we are going to do and we rarely do. The kids have had many different activities to make up for what they don't do like golf, soccer, basketball, cheer, and dance. But when they are not doing any of those activities other exercise is thought of and that is about as far as it goes.

Last week we joined the YMCA and we went Monday for our orientation. Then on Tuesday I picked everyone up from school (3 different school's) and we all went and worked out. Colin had a Kids Yoga Class and today he had a Kids Boot Camp Class. He really enjoyed both of them and he is our lazy child when it comes to exercise he says you know I don't like sports. They have them doing all these different things and he is having so much fun doing them he doesn't even realize he is getting exercise. All the different stretches he is learning in Yoga Class and in Boot Camp he is learning how to do sit ups and push ups.

Dale has spent most of his time in the gym playing basketball. He does go upstairs for awhile to workout on some of the equipment. He likes lifting weights mostly. Jene` likes the ummm okay I don't know what it's called but you get on standing up and start moving your feet like walking but it's not a treadmill it's like your feet are making a circle. Anyway she really likes that and the cycles.

Yesterday I just worked on the treadmill and instead of increasing speed I worked on increasing the incline. Oh I was feeling it! I then went to the stepping machine and I don't know if I was doing that right or not but I was having a hard time getting moving on it so after a few minutes I quit. I went and got on a cycle and worked those legs out some more. Now at orientation they took us through all these machines and how to work them and I don't have a clue to what any of them are called but I'm going to start working on some of them. Not all of them to start off with I don't think I would be able to walk out of the place if I did but here are a few that I liked and I'm going to start with those for a few weeks and then add something else to it. Doing those along with the treadmill and the cycle.

As they had gone through each machine with us and having us do it they was writing the seat position and weight limit on each so we would know where to begin. They then showed us where we could find the folders so we could keep track of our progress. The kids don't want to keep track they just want to go and do what they feel like doing that day but I'm going to start keeping track along with my weight. I got on the scales yesterday and OH MY I had to get off and clear it out and get back on to make sure that was my weight. I knew I had put on a few pounds but not that many!

Starting right now is going to be a challenge Jessie and the kids are here for 5 weeks. Her work schedule is killer but I'm hoping for a couple nights a week that I can go for atleast an hour. It's going to be a challenge getting Colin to his classes because one is at 4 one day and the other is at 4:30 on another day. Like today Jene` got home at 4:22 and we rushed out the door and we were a few minutes late but not bad. Next week she won't be able to watch the little ones because she won't be getting home that early. Oh well I'll work it out somehow.

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