Sunday, October 7, 2007

Learning One Step At A Time

I picked up the Crochet Basics by Jan Eaton from the library and scanned through it last night. Tonight I've been practicing. I think I've gotten the single crochet down I've made several scarves and I'm hoping it's right. lol. Tonight I've been practicing doing a tremble. It seems to look like what the book is showing. I wish I could find a crochet class to take and have an actual person teach me.


melly~ said...

*wispers to Vickie* It's a treble crochet, though I love your play on words. :)
try this link:
it's like having your own instructor in your computer!
Good luck!

Vickie said...

You would have to point out my mistake...or is it? Doing the treble makes me tremble. lol I'm on my way to check out the site now. Thanks! :) I wish we lived near each other I sure could use your craftiness. I have been practicing from the book Crochet Basics and I think I'm getting it. I may have to actually try out a pattern.