Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finished Reading

Critical Judgement by Michael Palmer. It was so good that I went to the library and checked out another book written by him Miracle Cure. If you like thrillers you will like Critical Judgement. Thank You Kathie for sending this in the book swap I really enjoyed it.

Colin has reading homework each night and he is getting so he can sound out words. We keep a reading log that is turned in at the end of each month and this month we also have to keep track of minutes for the Book It Program. His teacher has set the goal of 100 minutes for the month and if you reach your limit you get a reading award certificate and then you can take it to Pizza Hut and get a one-topping personal pan pizza. I just tallied up the first week and we already have 72 minutes. Are we going to slow down once we reach our goal? NO!

I wish Dale and Jene` would get back into the habit of reading. They used to read all the time then they became teenagers.

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