Friday, December 21, 2007


The past couple of days I have increased my workout. Dale has had a youth fitness training class and has had to be there for 2 hours so I took advantage of it. He is learning how to use the equipment properly so he can go workout if I'm not there with him.

I started off on the treadmill and walked a mile and then went to the elliptical and lasted a whole 10 minutes on it. I guess that is better than the first time I got on it and couldn't even do 2 minutes. I then went and did some stretches and the ab roller. After doing a couple sets I have to take a break and stetch my back and then I'm able to do more. After 20 minutes I then went to the rowing machine and did 15 minutes on it. Another improvement. Now I've also started doing some hand weights...3 pounds...and doing some sets to help my shoulders. I then ended my workout with another mile on the treadmill. Total workout time 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Yesterday I noticed this new machine they put in it's like a stepper but has steps that you climb and of course they are moving. I watched someone do this and thought...easy...yeah right! I didn't last long on it I just couldn't get the right speed or something right. For now I think I'll stick with the routine I have and after getting better on the elliptical and rower then maybe I'll tackle that one. Or I should do the regular stepper machine and improve on that one first. Or better yet do the floor one so nothing at all is moving. lol

While working on the different machines today I could tell how each of them was different. I mean how you are using your legs in all three but how you can feel the different areas in your legs being used. I do know since working out I haven't had the problem with my knees hurting anymore. And that feels so good! I'm not getting up in the mornings with so much pain that I just want to lay back down. It's amazing what a little exercise can do. I've also noticed my shoulders feel better since I've added the hand weights to my routine. I swear they felt like they were holding up the world they were so tight. Like I had these weights on them holding me down. Now there isn't any tension in them and I don't feel as if I'm weighed down.

Now I remember why I used to workout...I felt so good. That seems like forever 7 or 8 years now. Oh I've been lazy! It's time I got back onto the right track.

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Susan said...

Good luck! I need to get back on that track.