Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fort Mill High Pageant 2008

Jene`'s first pageant and she was beautiful. She didn't place but her best friend's twin sister did was first runner up. Jene` is just happy that she was voted in and was able to participate in this. She is very excited that many of the girls that did place in the different grade levels won.

This one was in the dance number.

Casual Wear

Formal Wear

Jene` and Nick

Best Friends!
The evening finally over back in Jeans and a sweat shirt saying goodnight to Nick.
She had so much fun and that's all that matters!


Nanabek4 said...

Oh she looked so beautiful! And yes,fun is all that matters.

Susan said...

As long as she had fun, thats all that matters. She did look beautiful!

melly~ said...

tag, friend. You're it.
It's meme time. Check for details on my blog. :)

Tip Junkie said...

How exciting - she's beautiful!

I featured your tip today on Tip Junkie. Thank you so much for taking the time to submit it.