Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy As A Beaver

We have had so many things going on around here. Where to start is the question???? Finally got hubby to help hang stuff in the living room so now I can say that room is done. But with one exception, of course there has to be something, the pictures he hung on the one wall I want him to put higher. The bathroom is almost completed just have to put a 2nd coat on the closet door and hubby has to hang the new light. That's the remodeling news. And time to start the dining room!

We spent an evening at urgent care with Dale he got hit in the face with a baseball. Oh the poor child looked horrific for a few days. It looks much better now let's see it's been 6 days since he got hit and now his nose just hurts. I told him he had better stick to the things he knows like golf, soccer, and basketball.

Next...what's next??

Oh I finished my scarf for crochet class and did 2 more for children one for Kaylee and one for Emily. And not to mention it will go for my red project. We started the hat this morning and I'm having problems with it and going in Wednesday morning for extra help. I just don't understand anything that we are doing. Or maybe I just need some glasses to see it better.

The boys have been helping out in the yard since we have had beautiful weather. They have gotten a lot of leaves up but there are still many more to go. But it does keep them busy and good exercise as well. Ok, they don't share my point of view on it. lol

Oh my gosh I took Jene` to the DMV to get her permit on Saturday and we got there and someone said they are closed. I thought Jene` was going to break the down in and get her own permit. She said I've waited 13 months and they are closed. We wouldn't let her get it until she turned 16 and it seems like since her birthday she has been busy with one thing after another and this was the first time we could make it down there. I guess we will be going back next Saturday.
I guess I had better get busy I made out a To Do List and I've gotten a lot crossed off but there is still many more to go.

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Susan said...

You have been busy! The bathroom looks great. Love what you did. My kids will be getting their permit in a couple of years. They grow up so fast.