Friday, January 4, 2008

A to Z of US

J is for.....


How can one family gather so much junk? I went into the boys room over the holiday and started cleaning it out. I had 3 bags of trash before I knew it. Mainly old papers they have brought home from school and the bags and boxes that Dale had opened from Christmas. Instead of leaving this stuff in the living room he had put everything in his room. Of course he had to leave that day and wouldn't be home for a week. It's not only their room it seems like the clutter is all over the house. Right now with the remodeling and having to move things from room to room while we are working in one area makes it seem worse but it gets depressing at times looking at all the junk. I went through Colin's books and have 2 bags going to Kaylee and Brendon and there is still enough books to have our own little library. Before I put the videos and DVD's back into place I'm going to go through those also and yes we have enough for our own children's section at a video store. Yesterday I moved all the encyclopaedias and I'm debating on what to do with them. When I finish that room do I put them back? When is the last time the kids actually used them? I don't like them totally relying on the internet but then again if needed they could go to the library. There are just so many of them I hate to get rid of them but then again they don't get used. Hmmm....what to do??? And then we have a closet that is filled with nothing but games. You know board games that have been long ago forgotten for video games. Decisions!! What goes and what stays!


Nanabek4 said...

Freecycle the encyclopedias...keep the movies or convert to dvd,and keep the board games and have game night again once a week. The boys got two games for christmas ands we have been playing them some.

Susan said...

I love board games? My kids rather play the video games. If it was up to me, they would be gone!