Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Hook'n

Okay get your mind out of the gutter! You know I am talking about crocheting. I finally got the hang of what to do on the hat that we are doing in class. I went for help on Wednesday and after we got to the stopping point she said now I want you to make one for the child scarf you did. I waited until the kids had gone to bed and started and was amazed at how fast it went.

This picture is how far I've gotten on the adult hat and child hat. I have to wait until Monday before I can do anymore on them. I was told not to go any further with it until then.

The afghan I'm working on I love this color. Nothing fancy just something to work on right now. No pattern I'm just doing it. So there is no telling what it's going to turn out like.
And now this next one is of a granny square I've been trying out today. You see Becky had someone show her how and you know I can't let her out do me. lol She tried to explain what she was showed vie the Internet and I tried and tried but it just wasn't looking right. So I went to Crochet Cabana and did the step by step instructions. I made it this far and I've having problems going any further to make like the one in the picture. But then again this is a square! But then again I think I need more practice. lol

As you can see I'm not the only one in the house that likes yarn. He loves sleeping in my basket of yarn. And I also found that he likes chewing or clawing on my basket. I found a couple pieces laying on the floor when I was cleaning.

My shadow waiting to see what direction I go so he can follow. Right now he is laying next to my chair watching.

I love this!!! I got a picture of her goofing off and not all made up.

Can you tell these two are rarely apart? She will lay in bed and watch out the window all day waiting for him to come home from school.

Awwww........he can do something or than watch TV. He is really getting into reading.
I picked up a package of Ziploc Zip'n Steam bags the other day to see how they worked. I saw it on Biggest Loser and wanted to try it. I got a couple of yellow squash and a couple of small zucchini and sliced them up and put them in the bag. Added some seasoning and then followed the instructions on the bag. They were so good! I will be doing a lot more with this. pictures of remodeling I took the week off. Maybe I'll get a chance over the weekend to do some...if not it will still be here when I do.
I guess that's about it for now.

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Susan said...

The crochet projects are coming out nice. Cant believe how big your kids are getting.