Monday, July 21, 2008

New Clothesline, Dehydrating, and More

Hey All,

It's been one of those weeks where the most I've gotten done is being a referre between the kids. And also trying to make our 16 year old understand that she is still considered a child and not an adult. The thing is as soon as she gets this through her head the 14 year old will be turning 16. lol

We took Colin to the Plaza Feista Mall Sunday afternoon they have a huge play center in the middle. I've heard how nice it was but I hadn't ever been there.

He had a blast! So we came home and emailed the Wednesday Park Day group and asked if anyone would like to go there on Wednesday since it's been so hot. So far we have heard from one and they would love it. Colin can't wait to go back!

Last Monday I went and bought a clothesline. Now I have asked many times in the past for one and heard...why you have a dryer. With the cost of gas and food I've been trying to find different ways to cut back on other things and decided a clothesline would help. Help by not running the dryer and without the dryer running it won't heat up the house. So I went to Walmart and looked for a clothesline thinking I would get the poles. No clothesline there! I then went to Lowe's next closest place and they didn't have anything either. Then I hit Target and they didn't have anything. Sitting in Target parking lot I was trying to figure out where to look next and they have a Home Depot next to them so I went in there. I searched and didn't see one and thinking okay maybe they don't make clotheslines anymore. I saw an employee and asked and he said oh yes we have them it's the umbrella type and it's over on isle 12. I went and looked and they only had 2 left so I grabbed one. Returning home I sat it next to the door so Tony could see it upon arrival. He came home and after some time of him not saying anything I asked did you see what I bought today? Yes, but you have a dryer. The next day I waited and waited for him to put it up finally mid afternoon I asked are you going to put my clothesline up? Oh, you didn't tell me to! I looked at him and said PUT my clothesline up today and turned walked out of the room mumbling some not so nice words. He got it up and the next day I had it filled and even made a little bag for the clothespins.

I made this little bag from an old t-shirt of Dale's and used one of Colin's little hangers for easy access. I made a couple of these bags several months ago but much larger. You can check it out here. I use them all the carry my crochet in for class, stuff for the gym, and mostly in the past couple of months stuff for the pool. I love them when you want to you just throw them into the washer. I got the idea from Martha Stewart. But anyhow I love my clothesline. I grew up hanging out clothes and did for many years after until we moved to the city and couldn't have a clothesline. But the kids are having a hard time adjusting to this new way of doing things. I've heard that what they did in the olden days... I don't want you to hang my stuff out I don't like the way it feels. They heard these words come out of my mouth... suck it up and get over it! That is their new saying and mom used it! Back to the orginal start of this topic he put it in the side yard well what there is of it and I said I wanted it out back. I heard it can't go back there because I will be redoing the fence and there are several trees that will be coming down and it will be in my way. Okay good answer but what I want to know is when all this is going to take place? I know it's not even on the front of the to do list. lol

Today I grated up zucchini and froze 2 bags that have 2 cups each and I also dehydrated onions.

I use this old tartar sauce jar for my dried onions. Tomorrow I need to dehrdrate some garlic that needs to be used up. I've got to start using this more when we first got it I tried different things and not many things turned out like apples and bananas. The most this gets used for is onions, garlic, and beef jerky. I found a site today hoping that it would help Canning Pantry Dehydration of Food. I'm going to play around with it and see what else I can do with it. Anyone have any tips or advice please leave a comment.

The zucchini is easy I used 3 medium zucchini's and got 4 cups out of it enough for 2 bags. Next trip to produce stand I will get some more to freeze.

Grated Zucchini for Baking -- Steam in small quantities until translucent 1 to 2 minutes. Pack in amounts used in recipes, allowing headspace. Put containers in cold water to cool. Seal and freeze. Drain before using in baking.

On to crafting... I have Kaylee's afghan done and I got the one I made for Brendon and made a bit larger and I've started Justin's. His is going to be red, white, and blue. The blue is done and I'm half way done with the white. I didn't have a clue on which child's afghan I would start it's hard when you have 7 of them. So I put all their names in a hat and drew. Solved that problem. lol

I guess I've been sitting here typing too long I have a four legged critter trying to get my attention by jumping up on top of the computer stand with his paws on the monitor meowing at me. Can you say SPOILED? He knows it's time to be curled up in the chair watching the yarn go by and sheepishly trying to catch it. My other four legged critter is watching to make sure I don't touch the other one because if I do he will jump up and start barking his fool head off. I swear they both are spoiled rotten. I can't even go to bed without them there one lays on the floor as close to the bed as he can get so that means if I have to get up I have to scoot down the bed so I don't step on him and the other lays at the end of the bed. He won't lay on Tony's side it has to be on my side right at the bottom of my feet.

Well, I better make sure everything is ready for morning.

Take Care :)


Frazzled Farm Wife said... are creative and crafty!

I used to have a clothesline and loved it! When we moved it never got put back up. I really do not miss mowing around it tho!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Hey Vickie!!!
I'm glad you found an umbrella clothesline- I didn't have that luxury... Hubby had to make mine!! In fact, I looked and looked at Wallyworld for clothespins and the cord, also to no avail. When I asked an employee, I got that look like, "why would anybody want to line dry their clothes?"
I finally found them though, (by myself) they were hid behind some ironing boards!

Vickie said...

Hey Frazzled Farm Wife & Paula, I'm so happy with my new clothesline! Hmmm...doesn't take much to make me happy. lol I was surprised Walmart doesn't carry them along with the other stores. I guess I hadn't realized that almost everyone has quit using them. I know a lot of new neighborhoods around here with Home Owners Association's don't allow them. And not to mention I have made comments to a few people about getting it and they had this dumbfounded look on their face as if to say....WHY. Or the younger generation say... what is that...why do we need it... didn't they do that in the olden days before dryers were invented. Oh and I didn't see any clothspins at these other stores either I found them at Home Depot next to the clothesline. Take Care :)

queenoftheclick said...


Everytime I read your blog, I just want to be your neighbor. Ya know the nosey neighbor who comes over and peeks in the window and says, "Hi is anyone home?"

I love that you bought a clothesline. I never thought of not using the dryer to cut costs (and it's good for the environment too). I'd never be able to fit an umbrella clothesline in my backyard (NYC) but I can run a line to the pole out back. I love the clothespin bag you made.

I love the cooking that you do as well. It's awesome that you dry and freeze food with such ease. I waste so much because I have no clue what to do with it. Yet, if I was your neighbor I would be over learning how to do it.

Mel said...

HI Vick,
canning, freezing, dehydrating etc. etc. I just have to ask, when do you sleep? Now, I remember as a child spending the weekend at your house and laying awake for hours each morning just waiting for you to wake up. You were definately a late sleeper, back then. I'm still a morning person, and enjoy "my" time rather it be (coffee in hand) on the balcony off my bedroom, or sitting at the table on our front porch watching the hummingbirds quarrel over the feeders. From the front porch I can almost watch the garden grow, still have a few weeks for our squash, and tomaters are ready for picking. I'm afraid (well, actually pleased) that we will have tons of tomatoes for things like spaghetti sauce, salsa, whatever we find time to can using tomatoes. Zucchini, I missed out this year and God only knows I love Zucchini. I did get some butternut squash in & will appreciate it coming out of the freezer all winter long.

Clothlines~ I'd sware Tony & Chuck have to be cousins; honestly, I have come to the point that I'm going to our local saw mill and have them cut me some 4x4x10's and I will put it together myself and place it in the yard. I also, have begged for a clothesline for the 5 years we've been here only to hear we don't have anywhere to put one. I bet ya dimes to donuts, I can find just the perfect place! I love fresh linens, such as sheets and towels. Remember the one grandma used in the front yard, now those are obsolete, or should I say as far as our youngster are concerned? Have fun and we'll talk soon Love ya, Mel

Vickie said...

Queen of Click, you come on down and be my neighbor anytime you want. It's quiet here you rarely ever see any of the neighbors, okay I only have 2 that I can see their driveways. lol Colin says we live in the jungle. lol You come into our neighborhood and it's as if you have driven miles and miles the way it's secluded from everything. But really I'm only a couple minutes from 4 major grocery stores, walmart, lowe's and upteen fast food places. You could come on over anytime and be nosy and I bet you would hear me hollering at one the kids or animals. Take Care :)

Mel, you know it's a good thing we live so far away because chuck and Tony wouldn't have a chance if we lived close by. The poor guys wouldn't dare to come home to see what we have been up to. Oh and they would be hiding those tools for sure so we couldn't do anything. lol

You know I was telling the kids the other day about grandma's washing machine and they couldn't believe you had to stand there and ring the clothes out threw rollers. It was hard for them at first to get the image of it. I'm just glad that I don't have to do that!

I still like to sleep in and there are times when I do get the chance to do it but remember I'm a night owl and I get a lot done at night. During the summer I do get a little more sleep maybe 6 or 7 hours a night and it does take me a while to get motivated. During the school year I get about 4 to 5 hours and I can get up and get going without a problem. No, I'm not doing any canning or dehydrating and freezing this year. I haven't canned in, oh I couldn't tell you how long, a long time. I really wanted to this year but the garden didn't do well so maybe next year. Better get busy! Love Ya Cuz :)

Mrs. Who said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was so funny to read this post because my niece just wrote one about growing her own veggies and drying her clothes outside. I guess everyone is becoming more conscious of the environment!

Also, I wish our mall had a playground like that. My grandson would LOVE it!