Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey All,

It's been a whirl wind of events around here. The boys were gone for 4 days! During that time I battled fleas! I've tried everything and it seems the fleas are winning. I have been vacuuming twice everyday and yes I taking the bag out and getting rid of it as soon as I'm done. I've tried everything on the market I think and nothing has worked. It's only a few now but I've put so much time, effort, and money into it that they should be GONE!

One child went to grandpa's to spend some quality time. Did them both some good! Dale went out to eat everyday and to play tennis everyday. He likes tennis but it isn't exactly his favorite sport he would have rather been on the golf course but he did have a good time. Grandpa even set him up with a pro one day while he has playing with his friends. The other went to mawmaw's and they went to the beach for a couple of days. That also did them good! Other than mawmaw wanted to know why I didn't send any earplugs seems that Colin talked her ear off while he was with her. The boy loves to talk and he has the imagination to talk all day long. Jene` spent most of her time of course with Nick and when she wasn't with him she was with Maggie. She did manage to stay home one day and help me clean.

This week the two oldest have to go to the highschool and get registered one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday. We have to register each year and pay a registration fee. This stumps me because they go to public schools and I've never heard of another school charging but it's $20 per child, we have 3, and the two oldest also have to pay a publication fee of $5 each. They also have to purchase each year English workbooks and then once school starts each teacher will give a list of other things needed or a dollar amount for the class they are in. School starts up on the 20th and I'm ready for it to get here! Our kids used to start the first week of August and get out mid May but last year they changed that and had them starting back mid August and the kids hate it. I thought they would like starting later but no they don't they rather start early and have a almost a month of being out of school before the neighboring cities get out.

It's been hot and humid here and I'm ready for a bit cooler temps. We are just beginning the hottest month but it's been this way most of the summer and it's getting to the point where everyone is tired of it. Too hot for the kids to play out or if they do it's not long. Those of you that know me know that cooler temps would be in the high 70's or low 80's. lol

I better get going Dale wants the computer but I will be posting again soon I have a lot to tell you about.

Take Care :)


nanabek4 said...

I wish I had thought to tell you to sprinkle sevin dust on the carpet while the kids were gone. You just leave it there for about an hour and then vacuum real good. It works inside and out(the bag won't tell you so but it is tried and true).

nanabek4 said...

I have never heard of them charging you a registration fee in SC before. I have never had to pay for mine to go to school here.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I can't believe the public school charges you those fees....never heard of it before!

Mel said...

Public schools are getting the best of us aren't they? My granddaughter is going into 6th grade this year and i required to stay for what they call "10th period" twice a week during the entire school year, a class to teach students better studying skills. Seems as though the schools are trying to take over parental issues rather than trying to just "educate" or children in Reading, Writing, Math, & Science.

Sorry, I haven't posted, having a ready difficult time with our 25 year old daughter...

Farm Chick Paula said...

Sorry about the flea problem, Vickie... once they get in your house, (ugh) it's so hard to get rid of them!
It's so hard to believe it's time for school already.... where did the summer go?