Sunday, August 31, 2008

From the Present to the Past

Hey All,

I have been having some issues with my computer. It will be working just fine and then all of a sudden I will click on a link and it freezes. I haven't been able to link to any of the blogs I like to read and talk about going crazy! At first I thought it was that new style I put on my sidebar but I started noticing it doing it with other pages I'm on. Like going to the school web page and trying to pull up the lunch menu. Or Friday when I found this site and it had a picture of my grandfather as a child and I tried to click onto another link. Oh talk about being frustrated over the past few weeks! Tonight I wanted to read blogs that all just read blogs and do you think I could do it? NO! I went in and took hubby's laptop and let him know I wasn't sure when or if he would get it back. I'm sure come Tuesday morning it will be gone and with him while at work. So I better make good use of my time.

Last week on the Today show they had traced their roots each day a different person. My cousin had put together a really good family tree on my father's side a few years ago and I hadn't been there in a while so I decided to go and check out if he had added anything new. While looking at it I started thinking, okay you know that thinking part always gets me into trouble, that I didn't know all that much about my mom's side of the family. Oh you know the normal aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents but from there I knew nothing about my mom's side of the family. I googled my grandfather and it brought up 2 different sites that had him named. I went and checked them out and couldn't believe my eyes I was looking at a class picture of my grandfather as a child. Maybe he was around 10 or so. I never saw a picture of my grandfather as a child and was totally amazed because it was like looking at one of my cousins. From the image in my head of my little cousin when we was going up they looked almost identical. I couldn't wait I sent the link to my mom and called her and told her she had to get on the computer and check it out. She was taken by the photo not only was my grandfather in that picture but also his brother and sister. Then we found another picture and it had my aunt as a child in it along with many of my mom's cousins. Now she is hooked and is hoping that we can come across some more pictures.

I sent an email to the person that made the site and thanked him for all the hard work he put into it and how we loved seeing my grandfather as a child. I mean I just never thought of my grandfather ever being little! And all the information he had on the small villiage my grandparents lived in and my mother grew up in. I would have never known of all the bussinesses they had there back in the 1800's because growing up and going there you would have never guessed it. There was a little store and a church and that's about it. It's a tiny villiage. We have sent a few emails back and forth over the past couple of days and have found out that my mom knew his parents and younger brother and that his sister babysat my mom when she was a toddler. I will be making time now to do more searches in my quest to find out more about my grandparents and who we are.

I was on the phone most of the morning with my sister in Mississippi. They were getting ready to evacuate. They are not taking any chances after Katrina! My sister can not leave she works for the State and is on call but the kids have left the area. I'm the emergency info keeper for our family we set up this plan after Katrina and it took almost 2 weeks to find out how our family was. Now with another one out there and they say it may head for Myrtle I need to get a hold of my brother and double check all his info. So Becky if you're reading this email me any updated changes you may have.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day for us the kids need to do homework that they have neglected over the weekend. Colin is hoping daddy will take him fishing. I plan on making some more French Onion soup. I was the only one to eat the last batch and I'm wanting more. I like to heat it up in a coffee cup and sip it. I think I better start it first thing in the morning so I can have it by lunch time. lol

Now I think I will do some blog reading and catch up with many of my favorite blogs. I've rambled on enough.

All my thoughts and prayers go out to all in the wake of Gustav. May you all stay safe !

Take Care :)


The Southern Mom said...

Got your comment on BB. Funny! I really hope Renny wins (just because I'm originally from Louisiana)! But, I'm afraid she's on her way out. Maybe Jerry will pull thru though.

Hope all your folks are fine. My are in central Louisiana...and they haven't evacuated. They rode Katrina out...hopefully will be okay thru this one, too. Other than Big Bro, all I've watched today is the weather channel.

nanabek4 said...

Vickie, you will have to send me a link to those pics!! Would love to see them too. Your couin Bonnie and Kim sent John a CD with pics from the past Stafford reunions and I am trying to remember how to add videos to my blog so everyone can see it.
My sister found out that the Blackburns have a page on and we have been helping out with our side of the family. It is really neat to know that Bill Clinton is a ninth cousin to the family and we were kin to Jackie Kennedy Onasis(spelling?)twice removed.I was asking Charlotte not too long ago if anyone had started a page with the Applebee side and she said that her daughter has started the research but nothing online. You might can talk to her and find out somethings too.

Sandra said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog ;)

Hope your family is ok in Mississippi.

Sorry about the computer, it's really frustrating, I just got mine back up and working but who knows for how long LOL

Mel said...

HI Vick, Hope all is well with you and your family as well as John, your mom etc. I see on the news that you are getting lots and lots of rain along with wind. Email me so I know you haven't floated away. I cannot believe you found pictures online of Grandpa. Can you share the website with me, I'd love to see them all as kids. I have been interested in searching out the family for about 4 years now, but have discovered you have to pay memeberships to these family tree websites. I've been trying to figure out how to search the Clark side as the only person I know to contact is my grandma and she is 96 years old. Gotta get my hubby to drive with me to get some idea of who our ancesters are.
Anyways, hope your all safe and dry, you'll be in our thoughts & prayers... Love ya, Mel

Susan said...

Going to have to try your onion soup recipe.

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is so neat about your Grandfather!!
Hope your sister is okay... the storms seem to just keep on coming!!