Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Ending!

Hey All,

It seems like there is never a dull moment around here. I had the little ones they arrived Monday evening and left this afternoon. My perfect little angels are turning into perfect little monsters! Oh it was a test of will the past few days. There is such a big change in them since they were here last month. Is it just that one is entering the terrible 2 stage and the other is picking up bad habits from someone else? Mainly it was the 4 year old and just plain ignoring anything he was told or just grabbing things away from others. He even tried biting!!!! He hasn't done that is a long time. He was pushing all of our buttons!

Colin has started Tiger Cubs and loves it. We went and picked up his uniform last weekend and I have to go back to the shop tomorrow to get his den number and get it put on. He and Tony are going on a camping trip this month and next month I will be joining them on another camping trip. He is so excited! Now of course the two teens want no part of the camping. Miss Priss said... when you say camping you mean staying in a cabin right? No! Mr Golf Pro Want-A-Be said... it's just a day thing you're not staying at night are you? Yes it's for the whole weekend. What's wrong with them? They have been camping before I know it's been a long time since they have been but they do remember.

Tomorrow progress reports come home for the older kids. I wonder who will get grounded to start the year off? I should be hearing something from Colin's teacher soon for a conference. They all seem to be doing good from what I've seen so far but then again there have been times when I thought that and found out differently. As they have progressed in grade and years they have learned a few tricks to help keep them out of trouble with mom until the very last minute. Like not bringing home that bad test to show! Oh gee lets not prepare mom ahead of time... no since in getting into trouble now when I can get into trouble later... yep that is their way of thinking.

While the little ones were here I went to take pictures and it wouldn't work. Ok, the batteries need to be charged. I opened it to get them out and there wasn't anything in there. I went to get the other set of batteries and they are no where to be found. So I asked this dumb question... who took the batteries from my camera? I heard many I didn't do it. I asked an even dumber question... where is the other set of batteries? I heard I don't know. Let me just say when I find those batteries the guilty party will pay for lying to me. Can you say dish duty?

I've gotten my fall cleaning started. To start off my cleaning project meant sitting down and making a list. Oh yeah I am a list person! It was coming along nicely until I got the unexpected call for the little ones to come. I normally have them once a month from a Thursday until Monday but Jess wanted to trade days with someone so she could have the weekend off. Anyway I've gotten many things crossed off my list for outside and need to get busy in here again.

I'm still slowly working on the same afghan I was. At this rate I might get it done by next Christmas. lol So much for making 9 of them before Christmas. I've gotten 2 done and if this third one ever gets done. I've also been reading a book and it's going as slow as that afghan. There are times I pick it up and have to go back a page or two to refresh my memory on where I left off. Either I'm moving a lot slower these days or the days are flying by too fast. I'm going to say the days are flying by! Or it could be that I'm truely my mother's daughter you start so many projects and most of those projects means making bigger mess before it gets better.

Hmmm... no new recipes or tips to post. Oh my I've got to get back into a routine again!

I better head for bed thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I'm a night owl by nature and I hate mornings. But I've got one here that is trying to tell me he is ready for bed and he won't stop pacing back and forth until I go. He will then pounce up on the bed and take his place at the bottom of my feet. Earlier he had jumped up on my lap and wiggled himself up in my arms until he was cradled like a baby purring loudly the whole time. So I guess I'll head there so tomorrow can hopefully get back to normal.

Take Care :)


queenoftheclick said...

It seems so early to send progress reports home.

I have to start my Fall cleaning as well. This weekend, I am doing the windows, gutters and gardens. I want to get some tulip bulb soon
so I can have spring blooms.

I was surprised that your child's teacher would discuss the topic with them. I have th graders and although we had a schoolwide moment of silence, I didn't discuss the topic with them because they were only 4 when it happened. I didn't want them to be fearful or worried that it would happen again. After 9/11 many children in NYC were exposed to so much television coverage that their drawings had pics of airplanes hitting the towers and the towers being on fire.

queenoftheclick said...

I tagged you here :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said... does sound never ending there!

Farmchick said...

Just stopping in to say hi--looks like you have been busy too!! Have a great day.