Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's COLD! Too COLD!

And wouldn't you know my van is broke and can't be fixed until probably Thursday. So that means we are getting up about 45 minutes earlier so Colin can get on the bus. As we walked to the bus stop this morning he was complaining I'm cold as I had him bundled in his heavy coat, mittens, scarf, and hat. We went out at 6:30 because the bus is scheduled to come at 6:35 and as we waited about 15 minutes before it came the wind was whipping and felt as if my nose was going to fall off. Returning home as I walked in the door the news was on talking about tomorrow morning going to be colder yet. YIKES! I think tomorrow morning we will leave at 6:35.

I just hope there is nothing major wrong with the van. Not a great time for it to be breaking. A hose, I think, is leaking. Ok, it's more than a little trickle leak it's a major spritting leak.

Update on the cat. Well, that should read.... that darn cat! Pumpkin is doing well he has gained a lot of weight just in time for the cold. He has a bed on the front porch and loves to come in whenever he can. He also has no manners. When he is in you have to watch him constantly. He has the bad habit of jumping on the counters and one day ate the butter. If there is a cup on the table he will be up there taking his paw to tip it so he can drink the milk. Ok, I know these are both BAD for him but if I take my eyes off him for a split second he is into something. If he is not on the counter or table then he is in the garbage. Neitchie doesn't mind Pumpkin being in here as long as he doesn't come near me for any attention then he will be right there to come between us enough to say excuse me find your own mom. Blue on the other hand will watch out the windows and meow until I let Pumpkin in. Now I'm not sure why because once Pumpkin is in here he will jump up to the highest point he can and watch him. If Pumpkin should go into the laundry room near his food he will jump down and go in there and hiss at Pumpkin and chase him out of the room. Well, speaking of that darn cat he is in here on this cold morning and I heard something and went to check and he was on the counter and knocked over my drink. Now onto Josey she is very aggressive and I have kept the two of them away from each other. I will put her into the boys room while Pumpkin is in here. Well, last night when Tony and Colin came home from boy scouts that darn cat ran in the door with them and Josey took off to chase. She's fast!!!! She cornered Pumpkin in no time and she was good just smelling him over but Pumpkin didn't like it and hissed a few times. Finally the two settled down a little and Pumpkin was walking around and laid down by the couch and Josey ran over there to sniff some more Pumpkin decided that he had enough and got up to walk away and Josey took her paw and pushed Pumpkin back down. Well, that didn't go over very well he took his paw and swiped at Josey's nose and she went yelping and running around the living room. As soon as she composed herself she was out to get that cat and the chase was on. Oh yeah it was a wild few moments in here last night.

I'm off to do some cleaning and work on another afghan. Yes, I started another I have 17 rounds completed.

Take Care :)


Mel said...

Your house sounds as crazy as mine, with all the new animals. They will eventually all work it out and in no time will not even pay any attention to pumpkin. Vick, it is really cold here, and the wind is really blustery, doesn't feel like any global warming in our neck of the woods this week. If I succeed in crocheting perhaps I should crochet a full body wrap...

ttyl, Mel

Farm Chick Paula said...

Pumpkin sounds like a real handful!! Hope the van doesn't need anything major... I just had to have $800 of work done on my car! YIKES!

The Southern Mom said...

Just checking in! Have a great Thanksgiving!