Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OH No It's Tuesday!

And that means that the kids will be home for the next 5 days. NO! NO! NO! One is already home. I went to his Pilgrim Play this morning and most of the kids left with their parents. Colin said I want to go home too. I said but look John is staying. I want to go home. Ok, so I brought him home. The play was outstanding! They did a fabulous job. And those little smartie first graders even made up a quiz for the parents to take about the pilgrims. We had to take this before the play started and then after the play we went over it and checked our work. Ok, to be honest I did BAD!!! I think there was only a couple of parents that actually passed it. I heard the man next to me tell his wife that he should be back in the first grade looking at all he had wrong.

I finished this afghan Sunday night this one is for Colin for Christmas. I started another one for Dale and as soon as that is completed I will start one for Jene`. I just hope I get them finished before the big day. Even after finishing up these two I have 2 more to make one for Josh and one for Jessie but they don't have to be finished by the 25 I will have a few weeks more to work on theirs. By that time I am going to work on a couple simple projects like some much needed dishclothes. I have had to boost my will power and not start any other projects while working on these. I mean I could have had them all done by now and not be worrying about it. This one I just finished the blues don't match up but I had to work with what I had because the van was broke. Colin won't care bet he won't even notice.

Update on Pumpkin whom we should have named either Trashy or Fat Cat. That little bony cat that came to our house a couple months ago is no more he is now a happy full of it fat and sassy cat. We started letting him in at night a couple weeks ago because it was below freezing out for several nights in a row. He has found he would rather be in than out and now protest when I try to put him out or he will go out and be back at the door within minutes to come back in. You all remember me saying this cat was not to come in and be an inside cat? Yeah Right!

Here is Pumpkin in his favorite place to get when the Little Witch is out to get him. She has gotten used to him being in here but at times she likes to do nothing more than chase him. Blue on the other hand is a fickle cat he will look out the window and meow non stop if Pumpkin is out until I let him back in but once Pumpkin is back in here Blue wants nothing more but to be mean to him. Neitchie well he has the attitude that what's another one in the house. We certainly named this cat wrong he should have been called Trashy because I'm constantly getting him out of the trash or off the counters. Or Fat Cat because in 2 months he has gained enough weight just looking at him you wouldn't believe he was starving before.
I better get moving and get my work done so I can spend the evening crocheting.
Take Care and Happy Thanksgiving :)


Mel said...

Hey Vick,
Look at your afghan, wow girl! Now, if I just kept crocheting; round and round I'd have an afghan instead of a dishcloth, wouldn't I?

See, that cat loves his new home, and the basket is just his size!

Happy Thanksgiving cuz!

Love, Mel

Farm Chick Paula said...

LOL- I love the name "trashy"!
The afghan is gorgeous!!

Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving.


The Southern Mom said...

Hey! Just read your comment on my blog...you were too quick! I was posting another one with pictures of the quilt I finished! Hope you get your decorating done...I'm having a heck of time just trying to find time to do it! (Doesn't stop me from blogging or commenting on other blogs though!)

The Southern Mom said...

Hey again! Guess we're going back and forth tonight! I did all the patchwork on the machine and had to tie the quilt because it has a fur backing. But it's really, really easy. Email me sometime and I'll send you a copy of the pattern! And I'll help you along with it!