Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Night Ramblings

Hey All,

It's certainly been a full house here with kids coming, going, and staying. My Dad and stepmom are in for the weekend, oh and their little pooch. The little angels are here to stay until Tuesday. Another group will be in tomorrow to visit with Grandpa and Grandma before they have to leave. They have been taking turns visiting with all of us that live here in SC and Monday they are headed for Texas. They will leave there sometime in January and head for Colorado and then onto Oregon and back to Colorado. Once they leave there sometime in March they will head for home back to PA.

I've put my crafting projects up for a few days until I can get them back out to work on them. Well, except for the afghan. But I can't wait to get these finished up because I have found a new craft to try out. I can't wait! It looks totally awesome! I'm not telling what it is you will have to wait until I actually get to start and finally finish something. I hope it's as easy as it looks. lol

I have a question about glue. I bought a bunch of puzzles from the dollar store for Christmas they will be tagged for the family. We love putting puzzles together and it makes for a great fun family night. I remember there used to be a puzzle glue but I haven't been able to find any. A couple of the puzzles I would like to glue together once they are finished so if I can't find the puzzle glue do you think I could use craft glue and dilute it with a little water?

It's almost midnight so I guess I'll go grab that afghan and do a round before going to sleep.

Take Care :)

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Farmchick said...

I would use modge podge....dries clear. Not sure what type of craft glue you are talking about but as long as it dries clear you would think it would be okay! Hope you have a great evening.