Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been On A ROLL!!

Last night I was trying to figure out what else to make for the kids. I was trying to figure out what to make for Jene` since I haven't gotten one thing made for her yet. Ok, I still don't. Anyway I pulled out my stash of material that has been long forgotten hidden in the storage closet. I found some patriot material that I had bought a couple years ago off from ebay that has the Pledge on it. Oh Colin would love this he loves saying the Pledge. So I made him a pillow and I even had a bag of stuffing hidden away in that closet. Then I made him a rice pad seems like you can never have enough rice pads during the winter months. I didn't have to go out and purchase anything I had the material, the stuffing, and rice.
Here's a picture of the afghan, pillow, and rice pad.
While thinking and yes my brain was smoking by this time I remembered the marbles I had gotten a couple months ago for him. Oh he will need something to put them in! So I found an old t-shirt in the material stash that had been hidden away and made a bag. Now something to close it with... oh yes!!!!! I had a pair of new shoestrings just sitting in the package. Thinking when did I buy these and for who... oh well I can't remember so whoever needed them at the time no longer needs them.
The marble bag.
These next two pictures are of the projects Colin and I have worked on for his scout stuff. He needed to make a collage using different item/material for one of the things for the art pin. So he collected leaves and made a leaf rubbings. He made one rubbing on construction paper and one on a piece of fabric. He put real leaves in there and also some stickers of leaves. I also found a sheet of scrapbook paper with leaves and he decided to just cut a couple of them out. And we made it into a placemat.
The placemat.
This picture is for the citizenship pin he had to create a collage about America. This one we had a lot of fun doing. We found material with flags, yep that is how I remembered I had all this stuff stored away, tiles with the alphabet that I used on some projects a long time ago, all kinds of star stickers and foam stickers. Found the liberty bell on a book of stamps. Had a brochure from when we went to vote and cut out some of that. Some foam alphabet, yarn from making his afghan, and printed off some stuff from the computer. Now my printer has been fickle the past couple of weeks. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. Luckily this day it decided to work. Oh and now it doesn't I tried to print off a recipe earlier and nope I had to hand write it.
America Collage
Now onto the next child. Dale saw what I was making after Colin had gone to bed last night and said... Is that going to be something for me. No! I've decided to give him the afghan I had made for Justin and do him a pillow and rice pad also. Then to finish up this other afghan for Justin. Still racking my brain on what to make for Jene`!!!!!!! She is at an age where it's getting hard to make for her. You know 16 year olds just don't like those handmade gifts they just want designer clothes or money. I know how excited she used to get when she opened something I had made and I know from our other older children someday that excitement will come back.
I'm not worrying about cleaning up today because Thursday and Friday I will be doing a major clean up. My dad and stepmom are coming in for the weekend and the older kids will be popping in and out to see them. I will also keep the two little angels from Friday to Tuesday because Jessie will have to work the weekend and then has to go to for her test results on Monday. I have been worried sick about her and can't wait for these results to be in. She has to go tomorrow for another EKG she had one last week and had to be hooked up to a heart monitor for 24 hours. Her cardiologist is also running some blood test because he is stumped how she had been doing so well and now all of a sudden she is having problems.
I'm off to sort threw more of that stash and see what else I can come up with or if Dale will be getting the same pillow and rice pad Colin is getting.
Take Care :)


The Southern Mom said...

Oh.My.Goodness! Those are too cute. I'm so impressed! The pillow and rice pad are so awesome with the afghan...I love it! What a good mommy those kids have and talented too! (maybe a purse is in the making? or a scarf? there are lots of patterns online...just google!) :) And, I don't know if you have a Hancock's nearby (or if not, it's also online), but they are having 50% off fleece...scarves, blankets, hats...the list is endless! (Some no-sew!) And, now that you're sewing, you'll have to look into t-shirt quilts...easy project and everybody has lots of extra t-shirts! Wow...extra long comment!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Good grief, Vickie- you are a "crafter extraordinaire"!!!

I love the afghan, and the matching pillow and rice bag are just too cute. The fabric is awesome!! I have a rice bag a friend made for me- best thing in the world for my migranes!!
Love the marble bag- that is a treasure!!
By the way- did you make the soup yet?

Vickie said...

Hey Debbie and Paula, Thank You! Rice pads are a huge hit in this house during the cooler months. Hubby likes them all year round for his aches and pains. Found a bunch more fabric when I started digging deep into the closet and will be making Dale a set next. I seached and saw an awesome t-shirt quilt thanks for the idea Debbie I will be making some of those in the coming months :)

Mel said...

Geepers Creepers cuz, you're gonna be cross eyed with all these sewing projects ya got goin on. Cool Theme, I have a bag of patriotic material I bought from Woolworths ages ago for a star quilt (the only thing is I don't know how to quilt) Those rice bags would be a great gift to sew and give as gifts to any soldiers we know for risking their lives to save ours. Your kids are lucky to have a sweet mom like you! Hey, best of luck to Jessie, I'll cover her in our prayers.

Love ya, Mel

Susan said...

Vickie, where do you find time to do all this. Your one busy mom.