Monday, December 29, 2008

Manic Monday

Hey All,

It's been a rough couple of days around here. A veiwing last night and funeral today. My brother inlaw's mother passed away Christmas night. She was a strong willed woman who took care of everything right to the end. The kids didn't have to make any arrangements they were done. She even had it all set with a letter to be read upon her death what she wanted the family meal to be when she passed and where to get it and the money for it. It was a beautiful service and the food was great! Lily you did a great job right to the end... you will be missed!

This evening Colin and I got the huge dinosaur puzzle out and put it together once again. This time we put glue on it and I'm waiting for it to dry so I can put a second coat on it before I head for bed. He is so excited and can't wait for it to be hanging on his wall. We also had a read a thon tonight. I pulled out the Bob Books, oh I know they are a tad easy but this was just for fun and to encourage him to read more. He read for 30 minutes and read 12 books. Sometime tomorrow I plan on doing another read a thon and also to play the WOW game. The wow game I set the timer for 2 minutes and in that time he writes as many words as he knows how to spell. We will do this 3 or 4 times to see if he can beat his score. Then for the last wow game we will end it with 4 minutes so he can have a lot of words. We also need to work on some scouting stuff.

Sometime tomorrow afternoon my little angels will be back. They are only going to be here 1 night and I think that will be a first normally it's for 3 to 5 days. So they will be getting their Christmas presents and you already know I made them each little afghans. Oh I saw Justin today and he said I love my afghan and I know it had to take you a long time to make it. He did hint around about making it bigger. lol He said if it was a little bit longer I could sleep with it. You know the next time we go over I will be getting it to make it bigger. lol Oh Dale and Colin both sleep with their afghans also. And I was worried that the 3 boys wouldn't like them.

I better go get the second coat on the puzzle and head for bed. Work a little on my dish towel and get to sleep. The boys have already put their order in for breakfast in the morning they want chocolate chip pancakes.

Take Care :)

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