Saturday, December 27, 2008


First of all two postings in one day, wow, that's something I haven't done in a long time. But I have to share this right away. This can't wait! Today I went to Target to use the gift card that grandpa had given me. Before going I was thinking of what to spend it on and I wanted to spend wisely. I needed new cookie sheets and pizza sheets these look as if they have been around for 100 years. I also needed new frying pans badly. So a set of three cookie sheets went into the cart along with 2 large pizza trays. A set of 3 frying pans was next to join the others in the cart. Hmmm... I still have more to spend.... I found a set of 3 of springform pans and then I saw this awesome dessert bar pan and there was only one left so I had to put it in the cart so it wouldn't be alone. Then I spied this box that said Pancake Puffs.... could it be the same I have seen so many times on TV and thought how much I wanted that. With a closer look it was and it went into the cart. My card used up now it was time to head for home and when everything was hauled inside I started taking things out of boxes, wrappers, and packages and got everything washed up.

I was itching to make something with my new toys. But what? I had some bananas that needed to be used up and decided to make banana bread. Got it all mixed up and then I filled the dessert bar tray and added a few chocolate chips on the top. With the remaining batter I made puffs and when they finished I rolled them in confectionary sugar. Now I will confess that when I took the Pancake Puffs out of the box I was a little disappointed on how small it looked. But let me tell you that disappointment wore off as soon as the boys tasted one and said this taste like a donut can we have more. I can't wait to try out more things!

Now hubby said with a smirk on his face why do I get in trouble when I buy you kitchen stuff for Christmas but you can go out and spend your whole gift card on it. Hmmmm.... honey you have it mixed up a little bit I have never gotten mad when you have bought me this kind of stuff for Christmas it was when you bought me that darn sandwich maker for Valentine's Day!!!!!!!! You can buy me any kind of kitchen product you want or even a battery operated drill if you wanted to for Christmas or my birthday but you don't buy that kind of stuff on Valentine's Day. He then said what did you do with that sandwich maker I've never seen you use it or had anything made from it. It's in the pantry still in the box. Did I ever say I wanted a sandwich maker? He said I bought that 7 or 8 years ago. So what's your point? He said as he was laughing will you at least take it out of the box and make something with it to see if it works. Hmmm... maybe I'll think about it.

To tell you the truth I had forgotten about that sandwich maker that is at the top of the pantry closet. Maybe I'll get it out while the kids are home and we can play with it. I do know we are going to have a lot of fun making things with the new toys I got today. The kids have many requests in that they would like to have made.
I forgot to tell you on the last posting that as soon as I completed the afghan Christmas Eve and everything was in order for Santa to come I started another crochet project. OOooohhhh it felt good to start a quick and easy project. A something for me project. I started a dishcloth that night and finished it up Christmas day. I then started another one and now I have started a dish towel. I forgot to take pictures of the dishclothes but I'll get one when I finish up the towel.
I better get to bed this day as flown by!
Take Care :)


Mel said...

Oh Yummy, Everything looks so good!
I also love things for my house for Christmas or birthdays. One year I'd asked for a crocheted table cloth, hubby said; "you don't want that for your birthday do ya" yes, actually, I do...

Another thing I have been hinting at is a cast iron grill I ended up buying it this year for both of us. Hubby had pancakes Christmas morning on this grill, we have made fajitas using this grill, just comes to show ya, cannot go wrong buying stuff for your wife that has to do with "home!"

The Southern Mom said...

Wow...I'm shocked! 2 the same day!

Buying kitchen stuff is so much different than getting it as a present! Why don't men get that?